Game of Thrones, HBO, Jon Snow, Ned Stark

I started watching Game of Thrones when it first started.

The first few episodes, I was enthralled. I especially loved that Baromir from Lord of the Rings (Sean Bean) was a main character, I always thought he got jacked in the LoTR movie. Then again, he also almost killed Harrison Ford’s Jack Ryan as an Irish terrorist, so maybe he got what he deserved.

But then he got beheaded (spoiler alert), and I was like “whaaaat”?? Didn’t see that coming. I know that there are many out there that love this type of stuff, the “never saw that”, or “not afraid to kill off the main characters” types. Some would say “hey that’s how real life is”……but I don’t want real life. If I wanted real life I would watch a show about a guy with two kids that fight all the time and a wife that thinks he’s a lazy bum. Call it Lame of Thrones or something. That’s real life.

So I went on wikipedia after Boromir-Ned got beheaded, and started reading ahead. Turns out more dickheads from the series went on to stay alive and rape and pillage, and more good people got jacked. Yeah, I’m good.

But…..this series is almost universally loved. People straight up freak out every time there’s an episode, do podcasts, LARP, etc. And I’m all for the nerdlings, as I am myself one at heart. How could I be a Star Wars, Star Trek (TNG), LoTR, and Harry Potter fan and NOT watch GoT?

Plus I just got done binging 12 seasons of Supernatural (yeah, the one on The CW or whatever). Laugh if you want, but that is a hell of a fun show. Plus my wife loves Jensen Ackles, so she watched it with me. If you’re looking for something to binge, I HIGHLY suggest Supernatural. Yes its a little campy and teeny, but watching these dudes fight Lucifer and all kinds of other demons and werewolves and vampires and all is pretty cool

I digress.

So, my wife and kids went camping this weekend (I mercifully had other duties keep me behind), and I had myself a bachelor weekend. Friday night I fired up a batch of Stroganoff flavored Hamburger Helper and dug in (to both the food and the show). I appreciate that there are only 10 episodes a season, and I jammed through the first season in about a day.

The show is pretty much the following so far:

  1. Cool costumes
  2. Cool time setting
  3. BOOBS
  4. Death
  5. Bloody death
  6. BUTTS
  7. Holy God he ripped a dude’s tongue out
  8. BEWBS
  9. Lots of doing it
  10. The King is a dick (all of them)
  11. Plotting
  12. Lying
  13. Mayhem
  14. Sweater puppies
  15. Weird creatures
  16. Dragons
  17. Whoa a weiner
  18. Death

So that’s all just fine. The series (I’m only 1-1/2 seasons in so far) seems like the HBO show Rome, Oz, and Lord of the Rings all had some weird bastard child (see what I did there? Shouts to Jon Snow). And again, that’s just fine.

I expect I’ll be caught up fairly soon, I’m into it now. And I expect I’ll have about 3,208,330 people tell me “DUDE IT GETS SO MUCH BETTER”, and hidey-ho ok. So while everyone posts spoilers on twitter that I used to not care about, soon I will need to avoid them.

Wait, there’s another boob.


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