SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Gov. Jerry Brown wants changes to a bill before California becomes a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Department of Justice will stop awarding grants to sanctuary cities. Sessions singled out Stockton and four other cities in his announcement.

That money is supposed to pay for police cruisers, radios, computers and stun guns.

Gov. Brown accuses the Trump Administration of going off the “deep end.” But he also says as lawmakers push to make California a sanctuary state, the bill may need to be changed.

“Because you do have people who are not here legally, they’ve committed crimes. They have no business in the United States in the manner in which they’ve come and conducted themselves subsequently,” Gov. Brown said on “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

The governor has endorsed the idea of his state taking the Trump Administration to federal court, but says the decision would ultimately be left to the state’s attorney general.

  1. Surprised to hear Gov. Brow n as the voice of reason.

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