By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — With Sacramento police on alert around downtown, Audra Owens is on guard.

“I actually put my purse around on purpose,” she said.

The overnight shooting of a bouncer and patron at Parlare Euro Lounge on the 1000 block of 10th Street is raising new crime concerns in an area that’s seen new development and urban growth.

“I would hope that it would deter crime because we’re bringing in new businesses, new blood, and new eyes to revive Sacramento, downtown,” said Owens.

Instead, Owens has seen a wave of violence in Downtown Sacramento in recent months. And she’s not alone.

“I won’t let my mom walk downtown streets by herself,” said Nicole Rothenberg.

Nicole Rothenberg also works off of J street, another hot spot for crime.

In June, the daytime shooting of a patron behind the corner liquor store was just one of several incidents that prompted city leaders to come together.

“More help is on the way,” said Mayor Darrell Steinberg.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg addressed the issue at a news conference, backed by city officials. He called for beefed up police patrols from Downtown to Oak Park.

So where are they?

Sacramento Police say ten additional officers will patrol the downtown core over the weekend, as they would any other weekend. But a spokesman says, with an officer shortage plaguing the department, there are no upcoming plans to permanently add cops to the Downtown-Midtown beat.

It’s a struggle where the department’s newly sworn in chief hopes to find a solution.

“Well, safety and security for downtown is just as important as it is in any neighborhood. If people can’t, don’t feel safe to come downtown and patronize businesses down there, they’re not gonna do that. Same goes for our neighborhoods,” said Police Chief Daniel Hahn.

Comments (2)
  1. The real cause of the problem:
    Our fool mayor Steinberg made Sacramento a sanctuary city for homeless drunks/addicts, vagrants, and transients, as well as illegal aliens.

    Rolled out the red carpet for low-life, banning police from removing them, stealing Section 8 vouchers from legitimate poor and giving it to hobos, free housing, free camping along the river, free camping at City Hall and the Courthouse.

    Look at what a complete TOILET, midtown/downtown has become. These aggressive panhandlers and threatening riff-raff are everywhere.

    Make the city a magnet for crime..thanks for nothing, mayor.

  2. Even worse, the hobos and vagrants have their own social media networks and smartphone contacts.
    By now, many have read the texts from their fellow addicts, and are hitching cars, beat-up RV’s for the trip to Sacramento. Or they’re already here, camped at the Courthouse or along the river.

    Sacramento is attracting transients from across the State and across the country.
    Just like San Francisco…and look what happened to THAT pathetic city.
    S.F. is overrun by the homeless and crime…and the city devotes a massive slice of its budget and bureaucracy to caring for them.

    Does anyone want Sacramento to end up like S.F. ? (a.k.a. “Stupid and Foolish”).

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