I excluded the Denver Broncos from this list. Some would argue Brock Osweiler belongs here. I’m not 100% convinced he does… Yet.

Buffalo Bills – TJ Yates

New York Jets – Bryce Petty
Josh McCown
Christian Hackenberg
Houston Texans – Ryan Mallet
Cleveland Browns – Cody Kessler
Pittsburgh Steelers – Landry Jones
Joshua Dobbs
Indianapolis Colts – Scott Tolzien (starting week 1)
Jacksonville Jaguars – Blake Bortles
Chad Henne
San Diego Chargers – Cardale Jones
Oakland Raiders – EJ Manual
Connor Cook
New York Giants – Geno Smith
Washington Redskins – Colt McCoy
Chicago Bears – Mark Sanchez
Detroit Lions – Jake Rudock
Minnesota Vikings – Case Keenum
Atlanta Falcons – Matt Schaub (seriously, don’t argue with me on this one. He’s the butt of many of your jokes).
Los Angeles Rams – Sean Mannion
Seattle Seahawks – Austin Davis

Pick any one of these starting or back-up quarterbacks. It doesn’t matter which one, just choose. Ok. Got one? Good. That quarterback you picked is employed for no other reason then they stand for the national anthem.


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