SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Several familiar names to Californians are making the list of the top Democratic nominees for president in 2020.

The list was released by the Washington Post on Friday. It’s not based on any scientific reasoning like how the names are polling with the Democratic base; instead, it is purely speculative based on recent news and other political talk.

As noted by the writer, the field of possible Democratic candidates is expected to be long.

Topping the list is Sen. Bernie Sanders, who was the only other viable candidate in the 2016 Democratic primary, and Joe Bide, the former Vice President under Barack Obama. Both would be the oldest presidents ever elected, if they manage a successful campaign come 2020.

However, coming in at number 5 is Jerry Brown, the current California governor. He would be 82-years-old in 2020 and easily the oldest president in history.

Gov. Brown’s name ranks so high thanks to his steering of California as the antithesis to President Donald Trump, according to the list.

A few names down the list is another familiar name to Californians: Sen. Kamala Harris. The list notes the “buzz” surrounding her still short time in the Senate. She has also become an increasingly recognized name nationally.

Interestingly, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg rounds out the list thanks to his recent moves that have hinted at political ambitions.

Neither Brown nor Harris have said if they’ll be running for president in 2020.


  1. Yes Gerry brown at 84 for POTUS. He’s Fk our state up very well. anybody that would think he should do anything but get out of our political system needs to be taken to a mental hospital and given electro shock therapy for a month to jolt their stupid azzes back into reality.

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