BERKELEY (AP) — A University of California police officer’s decision to confiscate a vendor’s money for selling hot dogs on a Berkeley sidewalk without a permit has sparked an outcry.

Video of the incident on Saturday outside of a football game led to an online fundraising campaign for the vendor that had raised more than $36,000 as of Monday.

In the clip, a bystander questions the officer’s decision to confiscate the man’s money as unfair. The officer says the vendor is operating without a permit.

UC Police Sgt. Sabrina Reich told KTVU-TV  that the officer took $60 that the vendor was suspected of having earned illegally and booked the money into evidence.

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  1. re: “It is my goal to locate Juan in Berkeley.”

    ha, ha, yeah right. These donations are a scam…the money won’t reach Juan.
    The creator of the GoFraudMe page is someone in L.A.
    And you expect he’s going to send $30K to a stranger in Berkeley? Who believes that baloney?

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