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Sacramento County Deputy Tweets Photo Of Apology Note Left By Car Thief

You think a criminal should know leaving evidence behind at the scene of a crime is a sure-fire way to get caught. But in the case of a stolen car that was recently recovered by police, it was also a way to ask for forgiveness.



Woman Has 100,000 Cockroaches – Says They Are Her Family

Most people hate cockroaches and would do just about anything to keep them out of their homes. But that is not the case for one woman. The South China Morning Post is reporting that Yuan Meixia in China shares her home with 100,000 cockroaches, which she considers her children.


mayor tosses dog poop

San Marino Residents Call For Mayor’s Resignation After Tossing Dog Poop On Rival’s Walkway

During a City Council meeting on Wednesday, San Marino residents blasted Mayor Dennis Kneier and called for him to step down, even though he has apologized.


(Photo credit should read FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

Robert Goodman Second To “None” In Race For Nevada Democratic Gubernatorial Nomination

For his part, Goodman on Wednesday was sticking to the low-profile approach that proved successful enough to win the nomination Tuesday with 25 percent of the vote, compared to 30 percent for “none of these candidates.”


Baby Deer.

Utah Wildlife Officials: Please Don’t Pick Up The Deer

Ron Stewart of the Utah Division of Wildlife said in an email statement Monday that the animals use several techniques to help their young avoid taking on a scent that could attract predators, such as giving them space.


mayor tosses dog poop

San Marino Mayor Caught On Camera Throwing Bag Of Dog Poop Into Neighbor’s Yard

Mayor Dennis Kneier tells the Whittier Daily News he was walking home from a park with his wife Saturday night when they found the bag on a parkway and he picked it up and tossed it onto a walkway at the property.


Generic dog photo. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Mayor Of SoCal City Admits Tossing Bag Of Dog Poop On Lawn Of Neighborhood Home

The mayor of San Marino, California, admits tossing a bag of dog waste onto a neighborhood resident’s property and has apologized, saying he should have disposed of it properly.


Yearbook photo editing

Utah School Apologizes To Teens For Altered Yearbook Photos

Some Utah high school students who cracked their yearbooks to find sleeves digitally added to their tank tops and a tattoo erased say school officials have apologized to them.


Yearbook photo editing

Utah Students Shocked To See School Altered Yearbook Photos

Several students at the Heber City public school said they’ve often worn those outfits on campus and never heard from officials that they violated the dress code.


grandma 79 yo

79-Year-Old Turlock Graduate Finally Finds Time In Life To Get High-School Diploma

Alice Walner admits it took a lot of hard work to get here, but on Wednesday, she did something she’s waited 62 years to do—walk in a cap and gown and get her high-school diploma.


Foster care funding

Relatives Get Paid Less To Foster Children Than Strangers Under California Policy

As a relative foster parent, Sears receives $343 a month in CalWORKs benefits to care for Isabella. But if Isabella were with a non-relative foster family, they’d get at least $657 a month from the foster care system.



WATCH: Tara The ‘Ninja Cat’ ‘Throws’ Out The First Pitch At Bakersfield Blaze Game

Video from The Bakersfield Californian shows the team used string from home plate to the mound to make it appear as though the cat threw the first pitch.