MLB Power Rankings

Rank   Team Record   Change   Comment
1 Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs 99-56
The last time the North Siders won 100 games was in 1935, and the Cubs went on to lose the World Series that fall. In fact, four of the five times that Chicago won 100+ games in a season, the team lost the Fall Classic. What does that mean in 2016? Absolutely nothing, of course.
2 Boston Red Sox Boston Red Sox 92-64
An 11-game winning streak has the Red Sox firmly in control of the American League East Division, and Boston now has tied for the best record in the AL with one week to go. Home-field advantage always means something at Fenway Park, too, when it comes to the postseason.
3 Toronto Blue Jays Toronto Blue Jays 86-69
▲ 2
The only loss for Toronto last week was an extra-innings affair against Seattle, but the Jays shave fallen 5.5 games behind the Red Sox in the AL East. It’s the wild card or bust for them now, with a three-game lead over Detroit for a postseason berth.
4 Washington Nationals Washington Nationals 91-64
▼ 1
The Nats have been on cruise control for a little bit, going .500 over the last two weeks as they set up the playoff rotation to their liking. It will be a cross-coastal affair in the National League playoffs, as Washington and L.A. are locked in for a divisional round matchup now.
5 Cleveland Indians Cleveland Indians 90-65
▼ 1
Needing just one win now (or a Detroit loss) to clinch the AL Central, Cleveland has to come up with a rotation plan for the postseason. They could follow the lead of the 2014 San Francisco Giants, who rode one viable starter to the World Series title. However, we wouldn’t recommend that for Corey Kluber and Co., since it was somewhat flukish.
6 Seattle Mariners Seattle Mariners 82-73
The Mariners need a miracle to make the postseason, even though we think so highly of them here. Seattle trails Baltimore by 2.5 games for the final AL playoff spot, and the Tigers are in there somewhere, too. The Ms do have the bonus of finishing with four straight games against the Oakland Athletics at home to end the season, however.
7 Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers 90-66
▲ 2
The Dodgers clinched the NL West for the fourth straight year on Sunday, officially, but when they won two of three earlier in the week against San Francisco, that was the real dagger. Los Angeles can cruise now, but we bet the Dodgers would like to stick it to the Giants at AT&T Park over the upcoming weekend finale, just to make sure S.F. doesn’t make the postseason.
8 Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Orioles 85-71
▼ 1
The Os are hanging in there still, thanks to a lot of offense. Baltimore has a 1.5-game lead on Detroit for the final wild-card slot, but six road games to end the season could be unkind to the team. The three-game set in Toronto starting on Tuesday could decide the Orioles’ fate.
9 Houston Astros Houston Astros 82-74
▼ 1
Losing three straight at home last week to the lowly Los Angeles Angels was just typical for this talented team that is now three games behind Baltimore for the final AL postseason berth. The next three games at home against Seattle are basically must-win situations for the Astros.
10 St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals 81-74
Now just a half game behind San Francisco for the final postseason spot in the NL, the Cards finish with seven games at home against Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. That is a good spot to be in for St. Louis, all things considered. We like their chances at making the playoffs for the sixth season in a row and the 13th time in the last 16 years.
11 Texas Rangers Texas Rangers 92-64
Despite having the best record in the AL, along with Boston now, and having clinched the AL West Division crow, we just don’t think the Rangers have what it takes to survive October. Texas has won 13 more games than its Pythagorean projection, and it makes no statistical sense. It’s baseball, so it doesn’t have to, but we’ll take the metrics at face value and predict an early playoff exit for the Rangers.
12 San Francisco Giants San Francisco Giants 82-74
▲ 3
Few people outside Northern California want to see another mediocre Giants squad squeak into the postseason and then make another improbable run to the World Series (like they did in 2010 and 2014). It says something about the quality of the NL that S.F. can lose four of seven in a week and still move up three spots in our rankings.
13 Detroit Tigers Detroit Tigers 83-72
Like the Giants above, the Tigers have spent a lot of money this season, and they have to face the division leader this week at home. Strangely, though, Detroit closes with three games in Atlanta to end the season, and the Tigers may need to sweep that series to get into October.
14 New York Yankees New York Yankees 79-76
Since 9/11, the Bronx Bombers have won just three of 14 games to drop out of the postseason chase. Mathematically, they’re still alive, but being five games out with seven to play isn’t a good situation to be in. On the bright side, the Yankees look good for 2017 and beyond.
15 New York Mets New York Mets 83-73
▼ 3
Losing three straight at home against Atlanta didn’t hurt the Mets in the NL playoff standings, as they still lead the wild-card standings over the Giants and the Cardinals. But it hurt them in our rankings, that’s for sure. Six games left on the road against Miami and Philadelphia should get N.Y. into the postseason, though. If not, well … that’s an ugly way to finish 2016.
16 Kansas City Royals Kansas City Royals 79-77
The Royals are officially done with one more loss (or one more Baltimore win). Four straight losses last week doomed Kansas City, but again, no one in that great baseball city can complain after the joys of 2014-15. Injuries and rotation issues doomed the title defense, but the Royals can stand proud and tall for fighting this long.
17 Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates 77-78
It’s tough to view this season as anything but a letdown for the Pirates after three straight NL postseason appearances, but it will be considered such. Playing in the toughest division in the league finally caught up with Pittsburgh, as did some surprisingly declines and poor pitching.
18 Miami Marlins Miami Marlins 77-78
Last week, we mentioned the magic the Marlins finally lost in 2016, and sadly, the organization—and all of baseball, indeed—lost a lot more than that on Sunday morning. Look for tonight’s home game against the Mets to be one of the most emotional moments in recent baseball history as Miami certainly will be mourning the untimely demise of Jose Fernandez. RIP, young star.
19 Chicago White Sox Chicago White Sox 74-81
▲ 1
They ended a six-game losing streak with two wins over Cleveland over the weekend, but it’s been another lost season for the Pale Hose. The team has made the playoffs just once (2008) since winning the World Series in 2005, and even the glow from that title has to be waning by now in the South Side.
20 Colorado Rockies Colorado Rockies 73-83
▼ 1
A sour finish to the season can be sugared up a bit for the Rockies if they can play spoiler in San Francisco this week. No doubt the Giants are trying to line up Madison Bumgarner for a potential wild-card game start, so Colorado’s lineup can take advantage of lesser SPs at AT&T. Nolan Arenado (40 home runs, 129 RBI) probably is licking his lips at the proposition.
21 Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee Brewers 70-86
The team’s final six games mean little to the Brewers or their opponents (Texas, Colorado), and the games are all on the road. We may have said it before, but Milwaukee is one of the most boring teams in the major leagues.
22 Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Phillies 70-86
The only question left for the Phils is whether or not they can spoil the Mets’ playoff hopes over the final weekend of the season. We aren’t going to bet on Philadelphia for anything at this point. The memory of five consecutive NL East titles (2007-2011) is quite distant now. What if the Phillies had won that NL pennant in 2010? Would things be different?
23 Los Angeles Angels Los Angeles Angels 69-87
▲ 1
After going 4-3 on a road trip through Texas, you have to wonder why the Angels couldn’t play that well all season. In a word? Pitching. Los Angeles spent a lot of money this year to win only 70 games or so. Spending wisely isn’t this team’s forte as it’s been chasing the title the wrong way for over a decade now.
24 Oakland Athletics Oakland Athletics 67-88
▼ 1
This is what we love about the A’s in 2016. After a 6-1 week, they turn around and post a 1-6 mark the next. Normally, we’d say that’s just bad coaching, but that isn’t the case at all with two-time MOTY Bob Melvin at the helm. Oakland has posted a 27-42 mark in its own division, yet the team is 12-8 against Baltimore, San Francisco, St. Louis and Toronto combined.
25 San Diego Padres San Diego Padres 66-90
▲ 3
After going 0-9 against the Giants in the first half, the Padres rebounded to take eight of 10 from San Francisco in the second half. If the Giants miss the postseason, this could be why. Wouldn’t that be sweet for San Diego? Little else has been in 2016.
26 Tampa Bay Rays Tampa Bay Rays 65-90
▼ 1
It’s been a down year for Tampa Bay, as the team has posted a losing record in every month this season. That’s hard to do. If the Rays can sweep the final seven games of the season, all on the road, perhaps they can overturn the above reality and use it as a boost for 2017.
27 Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Reds 65-90
▼ 1
The Reds have four games in St. Louis this week to knock the Cards out of the playoffs (potentially). Can they do it? Strangely, Cincinnati is playing .500 ball since the All-Star break, and don’t think the team doesn’t know that.
28 Arizona Diamondbacks Arizona Diamondbacks 64-91
▼ 1
After playing .422 ball in the first half, the Arizona squad has dropped down to just a .400 winning percentage in the second half. That’s never an encouraging sign for a team, in terms of next year’s hopes.
29 Atlanta Braves Atlanta Braves 63-92
The final six home games at Turner Field should be celebrated by next to no one in Georgia. Tell us again why the Braves are getting a new stadium in 2017, only 20 years or so after just getting a new stadium? Meanwhile, Oakland still plays in a 50-year-old pit. Have to love MLB economics.
30 Minnesota Twins Minnesota Twins 56-100
The only team this season that will lose 100 games, the Twins have just 16 wins since the end of July. That’s as ugly as it gets in MLB these days. Yet somehow, Minnesota won nine of 13 games against AL West teams from Seattle and Texas. Go figure.

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