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Pennsylvania teen was suspended from school after asking Miss America out, but while he didn't get his dream date he is getting a lot of attention
USDA says some packages of Oscar Mayer's "Classic Wieners" may mistakenly contain cheese that is not noted on label
Youngsters were trying to roll log down a slope at Olympic National Forest when the victim's jacket got caught and the log rolled over him
4-year-old half brother and sister are killed in fire at home in New York City's Queens borough; boy's twin sister and two adults survive
Officials say the victims' dad had used the .22-caliber rifle earlier in the day and set it down; unclear whether charges will be filed against parents
Carter was wrongfully convicted of murder in 1967 in N.J. and became the subject of famous Bob Dylan song and was played by Denzel Washington in movie
A deputy drove by and noticed a minivan embedded in an apartment complex near L.A.; officials say a 16-year-old was killed by accident
Annual weekend-long marijuana celebration in Colorado has an official permit for the first time; large crowds and a haze of smoke expected on Easter Sunday
One year after Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio's election as Pope Francis, his membership in the Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits, has begun to attract many potential candidates to enter the priesthood as a Jesuit like never before. Matthew Vann explains why many men are just beginning to answer their call to join the order.
Some of the popular traditions surrounding Christian holiday trace their origins back to northern Europe