Buy It And Try It

Buy It & Try It: Fast Brite

There’s usually a story behind the cars that show up at the Anderson Bros. Auto Body Shop.

CBS13/CW31 Television–08/26/2011

Buy it & Try it: Slushy Magic

The Slushy Magic says it’s the super duper slushy maker that’s frozen fun for everyone.


Buy It & Try It: Mister Steamy

The Mister Steamy claims it’s the revolutionary new dryer ball with the power of steam. It claims to turn your dryer into a wrinkle free machine.

CBS Sacramento–07/08/2011

Buy It & Try It: The Gyrobowl

Snack time at the Busy Bee Nursery School in Sacramento comes with messes. Nancy Aitken has been cleaning up after toddlers for 42-years.


Buy It And Try It: Cold Heat Soldering Iron

The cold heat soldering iron claims to be the world’s first cordless, cool-touch soldering tool–it heats up to 800 degrees.


Buy It And Try It: Tide Coldwater

The ads for tide coldwater say, it can deep clean and save green.


Buy It And Try It: Electronic Pest Repeller

The concept: annoy bugs and mice as much as you can with a high pitch tone then they’ll leave.


Buy It And Try It: Anti-Spill Snack Cup

If you’ve got kids, you’ve got messes, especially with cereal and snacks. So when we found the “Snack Trap”, the spill proof snack cup, we figured, why not buy it and try it?


Buy It And Try It: Easy Off Bam!

Bam! It claims to easily remove everyday problems like burned on grease, baked on foods, grimy messes and oily spills.


Buy It And Try It: Il Pelasicuro Potato Peeler

It’s a futuristic contraption made of white and orange day-glo plastic.


Buy It And Try It: Magic Eraser

The box says: “Discover all the cleaning possibilities”. It’s a magic eraser that claims to take off everything from crayons to soap scum.


Buy It And Try It: Pasta Express

It’s our most requested Buy It And Try It item; it’s the Pasta Express.