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Couch damage

Call Kurtis: Wait! — The Warning Signs To Watch Out For Before You Buy An Extended Warranty

Warranties are often tightly written and dense, which can make them hard to understand. But there are some buzz words to watch out for.



Call Kurtis: Why Your Old Cable Company Could Bill You

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — Billed by her old cable company three months after she switched to a new company! When Irene Torres said it would take months to fix, it was time to Call Kurtis. [...]



Call Kurtis Investigates: Lawmaker’s Fire Tax Bill Could Clear Way for Refund of $1.3M Wrongly Collected

A state lawmaker introduced a bill that would authorize Sacramento Metro Fire to refund taxpayers $1.3M in taxes wrongly collected, after a Call Kurtis investigation uncovered the agency’s plans not to return the money.


A closeup of one of the fake bills. (Credit: Sonora Police Department)

Call Kurtis: Stuck with A Counterfeit Bill? How You Can Protect Yourself

When Crystal Mohamed said Target gave her a counterfeit bill for change — a bill that Walmart later confiscated when she tried to use it.


iphone 5

Call Kurtis: Unlicensed Cell Phone Repair Store Lost My Phone

Left with an empty iPhone box, John Gonzalez said his cell phone repair store wouldn’t return his phone more than a month after he dropped it off.



Call Kurtis: How Well Do Pet Amber Alert Services Work?

There are a lot of companies advertising pet amber alert services online, usually offering to robocall everyone in your neighborhood with a recording that describes your lost pet.



Call Kurtis: Where’s That Refund For My Recalled Electric Car?

ZAP is recalling the 2008 Xebra vehicles over a brake issue that “may result in a crash,” according to the notice sent to owners like Rowden.



Call Kurtis: Are Energy Companies Overpromising Savings On Gas Bills?

Call Kurtis has been hearing from viewers across the valley, complaining about energy companies going door-to-door promising big savings on your gas bill.



Call Kurtis Investigates: Unlicensed Contractor Places Lien On Home For Unfinished Work

In this case, not only did this contractor take on this job illegally, but he laid out the proof he broke the law by filing a lien against our viewer’s home.



Call Kurtis Investigates: State Adds Security to CalJOBS Website After CBS13 Exposes Vulnerability

It now appears EDD has quietly made a change to the CalJOBS site. Instead of easily accessing resumes, a warning now pops up after creating an employer account reading, “Your employer account is not enabled at this time. If you have recently registered, your account will be verified within 72 hours.”


Cal jobs

Call Kurtis Investigates: Security Flaw at CalJOBS Website Exposes Personal Info of up to 1.4M Californians

A CBS13 investigation uncovered it took less than three minutes to pose as an employer and access the password protected Caljobs website, operated by the Employment Development Department.


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Call Kurtis: Malfunctioning Meter Causes 89-Year-Old to be Backbilled Six Months

The City of Sacramento admits she’s now getting billed for six months of service, because her meter malfunctioned. Flowers says the city wants her to pay all that money in one month; something she can’t afford.