Amy Trask Joins The Lo-Down - 6/20Amy Trask, CEO of the Big 3, joined the Lo-Down to talk about the inaugural season of the Big 3, and what we should expect from their upcoming season.
Amy Trask Joins The Lo-Down - 4/13New CEO of the Big 3 basketball league, Amy Trask, joins the Lo-Down and what her role is going to be with the league, and her thoughts on the passing of Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney.
Keep It Reel: 'Fist Fight'“Fist Fight” works. It takes your mind of everything and allows audiences to just have fun.
The Grant Napear Show with Doug Christie; Legendary artist Yukmouth of The LunizThe legendary rapper Yukmouth of The Luniz joined the show to discuss his new album "JJBasedOnAVillStory". Hear Doug and Yuk speak about his love for the Golden State Warriors, his thoughts on the state of hip hop right now and when you can pick up the latest project, all that and more on The Grant Napear Show featuring Doug Christie, heard only on Sports 1140 KHTK.
The Grant Napear Show - September 7, 2012
Ice Cube To Perform Pregame At Raiders vs. Chargers; Gene Simmons To Perform The National Anthem