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Call Kurtis: I Signed Up For Your Special Offer — Where’s My Rebate?

“All you need to do is place your order online,” said Comcast representative Chris in an online chat in February. Nancy subsequently signed up online for two years of that service, Comcast’s “HD Complete XF Triple Play,” at about $200 a month.


AT&T Reports 81 Percent Rise In Q2 Profit

AT&T Hiring For 500 New Positions In California

AT&T has announced it is hiring for 500 new positions across California.


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Call Kurtis: Are Phone Companies Letting Older Landlines Go?

A Nevada City woman says she’s been having problems with her phone line for more than eight months. When she got fed up, she called Kurtis.


(credit: CBS)

Malfunctioning Heating System Floods AT&T Building In Sacramento

A malfunctioning heating system is being blamed for sending water flowing through the AT&T building in Sacramento overnight forcing evacuations and nearly knocking out cell service to thousands of customers.



Call Kurtis: What You’re Owed When Service Goes Out

Where Kay and Larry Pealer live in Grass Valley, a landline phone can be a lifeline when an emergency strikes. But when their phone didn’t work when they had a medical emergency, they called Kurtis […]

CBS Sacramento–06/04/2012


Call Kurtis: I Moved – Do I Have to Pay Their Termination Fee?

Sacramento teacher Sue Bollig was finally becoming a homeowner. “This is going to be the studio, my art studio,” Bollig said, showing her new home. “It’s wonderful.” But when Bollig said she was hit with […]

CBS Sacramento–04/23/2012


Call Kurtis: Saving Money On Service Calls

Many companies now charge service fees to send a technician to repair your phone, Internet or TV service, but a Rocklin grandmother thought her $149 charge from AT&T was ridiculous.

CBS Sacramento–04/17/2012

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Call Kurtis: How To Ditch Your Cell Contract Without Paying Hefty Fees

Looking to get out of your cell phone contract without paying those hefty early termination fees? We call on Kurtis Ming with how to ditch your contract without paying a penalty.



AT&T Gives Up Appeal, Pays Small-Claims Litigant

AT&T is giving up on appealing an $850 award won by an iPhone user in small claims court, and is sending him a check.


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Call Kurtis: Using Too Much Data Usage Can Slow You Down

It’s amazing how much smartphones can do these days. But if you do too much online, you could face fees or slowed down service.


When he repeatedly was overbilled by AT&T, Bill Anderson called Kurtis. (credit: CBS13)

Call Kurtis: What Do I Do When My Phone Company Doesn’t Listen?

An 81-year old Sacramento man says each month, AT&T double-charges him. When they wouldn’t stop, he called Kurtis.


(credit: CBS)

Suspect Arrested In Overnight Business Break-Ins

SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A suspect has been arrested in connection with a cell phone store break-in in South Sacramento overnight. Someone smashed in the front door and window of an AT&T store on Meadowview […]