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Police: Best Buy Burglars Knew What They Were Doing In Woodland Heist

The crooks broke into the store in the middle of the night using some sort of metal to chew a hole just big enough to crawl through in a thick metal roll-down door.


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Call Kurtis Investigates: The Price Matching Honesty Test

As you head into the holiday shopping season, some store claim to match prices or have low price guarantees. Is it really as simple as finding a lower price somewhere else?


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Best Cities For Black Friday Shopping

While many other consumers will simply avoid holiday crowds at shopping malls or even wait until Cyber Monday, retail stores across the nation will be buzzing with activity on the day after Thanksgiving. The following are five of the best American cities for Black Friday deals.


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Employment Prospects Improving For Ages 55+ In Sacramento

Sacramento employers like Macy’s and Best Buy appreciate the experience and work ethic that seniors bring to retail positions.


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Call Kurtis: Took My Phone In For Repair, Best Buy Couldn’t Find It For Almost 3 Months

A Sacramento woman took her phone into Best Buy to be repaired. When it seemed to disappear, she called Kurtis.


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Shoppers Camping Out Early To Ensure They Get Black Friday Savings

Black Friday may still be days away but shoppers are already camping out, waiting for those door-buster deals.


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Best Buy Won’t Be Delivering On Some Christmas Gifts

A delivery dilemma is affecting some Best Buy customers who bought online. It turns out, many won’t get the gifts they ordered on Black Friday in time for Christmas, if at all.



Call Kurtis: Can I Replace a Lost Gift Card?

When his Jeep was stolen in the middle of the night, Ed Sullins thought it was gone forever. The police had no leads, he said.

CBS Sacramento–12/08/2011

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Best Buy Store Not Allowing Black Friday Shoppers To Pitch Tents

It’s become a holiday tradition for some stalwart shoppers, camping outside stores to be first in line for Black Friday sales.


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Call Kurtis: Best Buy Held My Computer Data For Ransom!

A Foresthill woman says Best Buy held her computer data for ransom. It was time to call Kurtis.

CBS Sacramento–10/06/2011

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Thieves Throw Stolen iPads Out Window During High-Speed Chase

The investigation is underway at a Natomas Best Buy after thieves broke in, took several iPads and then threw the evidence out their vehicle window as police chased them.

CBS13/CW31 Television–07/01/2011


Black Friday Shoppers Brave Record Temperatures

We are two days out from one of the biggest shopping events, and it’s cold outside. At the Elk Grove Best Buy it was in the mid-40s, but that didn’t keep some shoppers from standing in line since Monday.

CBS13/CW31 Television–11/24/2010