Aftermath of the fire south of Birds Landing. (Credit: CBS13)

Several Homes Destroyed In Solano County Town Of Collinsville

Between four and eight homes have been destroyed in the Solano County town of Collinsville.



The World’s Biggest Ship Graveyard

Nouadhibou is an African sea town, whose shores serve as the final resting place for more than 300 ships. The rusted hulks that litter its coastal waters are considered an eyesore by many (go figure), but they’ve brought some unexpected benefits to the local community as well.


(Credit: Citrus Heights Police Department)

Thieves Steal 3 Boats, Trailers From Citrus Heights Business

Police are investigating the theft of several boats and trailers from a Citrus Heights business.



Wife Awaits Sacramento Sailor’s Return, Rescued After Whale Sank Ship

A whale hit the back of his sailboat tearing a hole in it. This happened yesterday off the coast of Mexico, about 400 miles south of San Diego.



Coast Guard Rescues Local Sailor Stranded After Whale Attack

The coast guard races out to rescue stranded boaters all over but it’s not because of a giant mammal in the water. This is quite the whale of a tale.


Boats For Cheap

On The Money: Boat Auction

California is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to test power boats that hardly ever hit the water – but the resale value of those boats is causing a big splash.


fish harbor

175 Tons Of Dead Sardines Scooped From SoCal Marina

Three weeks after a huge fish die-off in Southern California, officials said Thursday they have a body count but still can’t say what drove 175 tons of sardines into the marina where they died.