California High-Speed Rail Authority

An artist rendition of the planned high-speed rail system as it would look through Sacramento. (Source: California High Speed Rail Authority)

House Passes Amendment To Change Federal Grant For California’s High-Speed Rail

The California High Speed Rail authority will no longer be able to spend federal funds on the high-speed rail project under its current $3 billion matching grant with the federal government.


An artist rendition of the planned high-speed rail system as it would look through Sacramento. (Source: California High Speed Rail Authority)

California High-Speed Rail Approves 5 Bidders For More Construction

The 22-mile segment running through Tulare and Kings counties is expected to cost between $400 million and $500 million.


A French high speed train TGV. (ALAIN JULIEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Lawsuit Contests High-Speed Rail Air Quality Plans

Suit says state agency downplays harmful environmental effects and exaggerates benefits.


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Gavin Newsom: Stop High-Speed Rail Project, Redirect Money

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, once a strong supporter of California’s high-speed rail project, says he has changed his mind and no longer backs it.


Brown Asks State Supreme Court To Toss Rulings Blocking High-Speed Rail

A petition filed late Friday seeks an expedited review and asks the court to overturn two decisions that prevented the state from selling $8.6 billion in voter-approved bonds.


An artist's rendition of a California high-speed rail station. (Source:

Amtrak, California High-Speed Rail Release Joint Request For Trains

California’s High-Speed Rail Authority and Amtrak on Friday released a joint request for proposals to build trains for California’s planned bullet train and Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor.


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First Eminent Domain California High-Speed Rail Claim OKed

A state board has given approval for the California High-Speed Rail Authority to start the process of seizing its first property through eminent domain.


A concept animation shows a possible implementation of the California high speed rail. (Credit: California Rail Authority)

Calif. High-Speed Rail Officials Respond To Setbacks

The board that oversees California’s embattled $68 billion high-speed rail project is meeting to discuss how to respond to a series of legal setbacks to the project.


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Judge Blocks Sale Of High-Speed Rail Bonds, Jeopardizing Future Of Project

A Sacramento County Superior Court judge is blocking the sale of bonds to build California’s bullet train and has rejected the state’s funding plan, jeopardizing the future of the project.


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Land Acquisition For High-Speed Rail Moving Slowly

The body overseeing plans to build California’s bullet train has started the daunting and expensive process of acquiring thousands of acres in the Central Valley, where the rail line’s proposed path would slice through farms, stores and motels.


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High-Speed Rail Authority Promises 3 Percent Of Jobs To Disabled Veterans

California’s High-Speed Rail Authority wants to get disabled veterans back to work.


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Altered Route Recommended For High-Speed Rail Leg

California high-speed rail officials are recommending a new route for the second leg of the bullet train south of Fresno.