Call Kurtis Investigation

stanton optical

Call Kurtis Investigates: Blurry Glasses From Stanton Optical

Their commercials hard to ignore and Stanton Optical’s buy one get one free offers seem unbeatable. But some customers hoping to get a good deal say they got a raw deal instead.


iphone 5

Call Kurtis: Apple Refused To Exchange My Muffled iPhone 5

A Rocklin woman says her brand new iPhone sounded muffled. When Apple refused to exchange it, she called Kurtis.


sleep number

Call Kurtis: Delivery Truck Took Out My Power & Phone Lines!

An Auburn couple bought a new mattress and when it was delivered, the truck driver took out their phone and power lines.


busted fridge

Call Kurtis: My Movers Dropped My Fridge

A new Roseville resident is upset over the way his moving company dropped off his goods. They literally dropped his fridge off the back of the truck. He called Kurtis after the company offered just $250.


call kurtis court

Call Kurtis: Would-Be Bride Takes Venue To Court Over Wedding Deposit

Call Kurtis goes to court, tracking the case of a would-be bride who canceled her wedding months in advance.


castle rock security

Call Kurtis: Hounded Again By Debt Collectors For A Bill She Didn’t Owe

A Stockton woman thought her hassles with an alarm company were all fixed when she first called Kurtis.



Call Kurtis: It Happened Again; Hospital Lost My Teeth!

It’s happened again. Another patient says Kaiser lost their teeth.


Institute of Technology

Call Kurtis: School Trip Called Off

A group of culinary students say their school promised a trip to Europe after graduation. When The Institute of Technology called off the trip at the last minute, the students called Kurtis.



Call Kurtis: PG&E Left A Live Power Cable In My Yard For Months

A live 220 volt power cable strung from the front of Carolyn Chase’s home across a short retaining wall right into her neighbor’s power box, she’s concerned someone will get hurt.



Call Kurtis Investigates: Wheelchair Van Dealer Takes Money But Fails To Deliver Vans

A wheelchair van business took tens of thousands from people with disabilities, but never delivered the vans. The company closed its doors, but a Call Kurtis investigation found the same people operating elsewhere.


piggy bank

Call Kurtis: Get Paid To Take A Financial Makeover Class

Call Kurtis first showed you program earlier this year that pays people to get their finances in order. It’s called MoneyWork$ and it’s offered by Sacramento non-profit Opening Doors. A new session begins September 24th and there are still spots open.


maytag warranty

Call Kurtis: What To Do When Your Warranty Company Denies Your Claim

An El Dorado County woman says her fridge has been acting up for months. The repair shop said it can’t be fixed. When she wasn’t getting help from her warranty company, she called Kurtis.