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subscription billing service

Call Kurtis: I Paid To Renew A Magazine, Where Is It?

When a notice of renewal from Subscription Billing Service showed up in the mail, Ron paid it by sending them a check for $89.95. But, he said the magazine stopped being delivered.



Call Kurtis: Pharmacists Concerned Employer Pressure Leads to Prescription Errors

CBS13 has learned the California Board of Pharmacy has fined pharmacies a thousand times in the past two years for prescription errors.


self loading

Call Kurtis: Moldy Front-Loading Washing Machines Subject Of Class Action Suits

It’s helped tackle dirty laundry, using less energy, less water, and less detergent. However, front-load washing machines may be triggering more service calls, more trouble, and more lawsuits than manufacturers ever expected.


defend you

Call Kurtis Investigation: Can Websites Fight Traffic Tickets?

Rick was trying to beat a red light, but the traffic ticket he received in the mail shows he did not. So, he turned to, a website that claimed it has “…helped more people successfully contest and dismiss their traffic ticket than any other company.” But Rick had doubts, wondering if websites like Ticketbust can really defend you.


moving truck

Call Kurtis: Why Am I Being Charged For 2 Trucks For 1 Move?

They charged her $450 for a small van to drive her stuff from the street to her apartment several hundred feet into the complex.


seniors stiffed

Call Kurtis: Seniors Left Without Refunds After Canceled Reno Bus Trip

Two days before the December trip, hundreds of senior citizens found out their Reno bus trip would not happen. The trip company, Golden Gate Tours canceled without a reason.



Call Kurtis: Is Walmart Cheaper Than Sam’s Club?

Buying a backyard play structure for her kids, online shopper Megan Gallagher Nelson noticed Sam’s Club where she’s a member wanted $324. She wasn’t happy to find sister company Walmart selling the same exact structure for $252, a difference of $72.



Call Kurtis: Ethiopian Adoptee Now Grown Up Can’t Get U.S. Passport

Mary Hunt was adopted from Africa when she was 18-months old and deemed an American citizen by the courts, but she can’t get an American passport.


call kurtis canceled

Call Kurtis: Why I Can’t I Keep My Phone Number?

A Sacramento senior said she has had the same phone number for 15 years. But, when she tried to switch from A&T to Comcast, her phone number didn’t end up transferring.


scrap metal thieves

Call Kurtis: Grave Robbing For Scrap Metal On The Rise

The Cemetery and Mortuary Association of California admits grave robbing is on the rise because the scrap metal is valuable. Despite families paying into an endowment fund for upkeep, the group said only some cemeteries are paying to replace stolen vases and nameplates.


call kurtis dress

Call Kurtis: How To Prove the Dry Cleaner Damaged Your Clothes

Lisa planned to let her daughter wear the same dress on her wedding day, but says the top part of the dress is no longer pure white. She thinks Highland Cleaners owes her the $1300 she says she paid for the dress, but the owner refuses.



Call Kurtis: Why Is 99 Cents Only Store Charging Me 99.99 Cents?

The sign on the store front says 99 Cents Only – as do the shopping carts. It’s even written on the wall inside the store. But, viewers noticed they’re actually being charged 99.99 cents for most items.