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what to buy and not black friday

Call Kurtis: Smart & Stupid Black Friday Buys

You may get a good deal on generic brand TV’s, but James says you should be careful of these door busters. Some of these low end TV’s are only produced for Black Friday as confirmed to us undercover by a Best Buy worker.



Call Kurtis: City Charging Yard Waste Fees To People With No Yards

The people who live at Tapestri Square on U Street want to know why the City of Sacramento is charging them $10.35 a month for a yard waste container. They say they don’t have yards.


victimized twice call kurtis

Call Kurtis: Stolen Car Victim Says She Was Victimized Twice By Tow Charges

The California Highway Patrol had it towed to City Wide Towing of Lodi where she learned, she’d have to pay more than $300 to get it out. If she couldn’t come up with that money, it would cost $50 a day to store it.


death certificate

Call Kurtis Investigates: As Many as 1 in 50 Death Certificates May Have Mistakes

Weeks after his death, she realized Sutter Memorial Hospital made a mistake marking his death on his death certificate as July 14th, instead of July 15th.



Call Kurtis: My 49ers Ticket Turned Out To Be A Parking Pass!

Talley Soriano was excited to find a 49ers ticket for the Thanksgiving Day game against the Seattle Seahawks. After she bought it, she called Ticketmaster, the company behind the ticket exchange. It was only then that she realized her seat wasn’t inside Levi Stadium – it was actually a parking spot outside.


cracked dashboard

Call Kurtis Investigates: Cracks In Some GM Dashboards

CBS13 found videos of cracked GM dashboards, and dozens of crashed dashboard complaints online from across the country involving GM Avalanches, Suburbans, Tahoes, Yukons, Silverados and Sierras.


hidden camera

Call Kurtis Investigates: Are Restaurant Tablets On The Table Spying On You?

“Is this a camera or something” our undercover producer asked a Chili’s server. “Oh no, it’s not,” she answered. Despite what the Chili’s server is telling our producer, there is a camera on the restaurant’s tablet on the table.



Call Kurtis: United Booked Minor, Then Wouldn’t Let Him Fly

United Airlines wouldn’t let 11-year-old Adam Handal onto a plane with his 15-year-old sister — even though the airline booked them both their flights over the phone!



Call Kurtis: Did I Really Fail Smog? A Free Way to Find Out

Lakisha Green said a smog station took her money, but didn’t do the whole smog test. When she said they refused to refund her money, it was time to Call Kurtis.


safe deposit box

Call Kurtis: Where’s the Jewelry I Put In My Safe Deposit Box?

Consumers rent safe deposit boxes to keep important things safe — but Prasad said the key didn’t work, and when Chase drilled it open, her jewelry wasn’t there.


stolen rental car

Call Kurtis: Avis Charged Me $6,000 After My Rental Car Was Stolen

Sanchez filed a police report and alerted Avis. She had piece of mind knowing she paid Avis extra for the loss damage waiver that gives you extra protection when you rent a car. She says with no explanation Avis billed her nearly $6,000. Because she used a debit card, they plucked $3,200 of it straight from her bank account, leaving this single mom of four no way to pay her rent.


adults and rooms

Call Kurtis: Roseville Couple Helps Expose Nationwide Flaw on Southwest Airlines Website

When they alerted the airline, they were told a second room would cost hundreds more than the other couple was willing to spend, but Les says the airline refused to refund the other couple’s airline tickets.