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Call Kurtis: Should You Have To Pay Upgrade Fees For Home Warranty Repairs?

He says the contractor AHS sent out demanded extra $2,156 to update his AC units piping and ductwork.


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Call Kurtis: Should You Have to Pay Up Front for a Ticket You’re Fighting?

A Napa County Court Clerk told him he’d have to pay the $305 fine, even before seeing the judge and he’d have to come back another day.


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Call Kurtis: The Vacant House Next Door Is A Jungle; What Can I Do?

She is talking about the jungle on the block a home with knee high weeds, overgrown trees and no clear path to walk up to the front door.


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Call Kurtis: I Can’t Buy a Car Because Lender Declared Me Dead

Loan company Acura Financial Services, which she used for another car she ownedm made a big mistake marking on her credit report “consumer deceased.”


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Call Kurtis: Traffic Light Sending Raw Sewage Into My Yard

Lee claims his Orangevale home has had sewage backups in the yard at least twice a year since he bought the place nine years ago. Now he says it’s happening twice a month forcing him to pay plumbers thousands.



Call Kurtis: I Won A Publisher’s Clearing House Game, Why Am I Not Getting Paid?

Teresa Shepard said she won $5,000 playing a Publisher’s Clearing House game, but the company claimed the win was a malfunction. So, does that mean they don’t have to pay?


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Call Kurtis: Married Since 2013, We’re Still Missing Our Wedding Albums

Annie and her husband William were married on September 1st, 2013. A year and a half later, they said their wedding photographer still hasn’t delivered two albums and a framed photograph.



Call Kurtis: Why Are Some Businesses Afraid to Have Devices Proven to Save Lives?

While playing soccer in 2013 Anibal Rubina dropped dead, “I took a run, I just boom I fell down on the ground,” said Anibal.



Call Kurtis: Where Are My Senior Portraits?

At the end of the school year, Caitlin’s mother Elizabeth Perkey says ABC School Portraits which is contracted by the school, has told them time and time again that they’ll get the pictures in two weeks. After waiting for the photos since last year Elizabeth says “they could have arrived by Pony Express.”



Call Kurtis: The Travel Vouchers We Got for Being Bumped Won’t Work

Joan says she was told she had to contact American Airlines for help considering it and U.S. Airways merged but she says American never responded.


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Call Kurtis: Someone Stole My Phone Number Of 25 Years

Nancy could not call out, because she said someone stole the phone number she’s had for 25 years. She said the man on the other end explained to her that he had requested it from his phone carrier Comcast – and got the phone number.


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Call Kurtis Investigates: Cash For Laptops And Cash For iPhones Under Investigation

Marilyn Penko was quoted $212 online for her iPad 3. She said she sent it in to Cash For Laptops, but then she got an e-mail saying, they’d only be sending her $31.