Prop. 36 Passes: 3 Strikes Law Reformed To Allow For Lighter SentencesThe nation's harshest three strikes law has been reformed to allow for shorter sentences for some offenders.
Voters Reject Proposition 38 Tax For Public Schools
California Voters Boost Penalties For Human TraffickingCalifornia will toughen its penalties for human trafficking and its monitoring of sex offenders under an initiative approved Tuesday.
Sen. Feinstein Easily Wins 4th TermCalifornia voters decisively endorsed long-serving U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Tuesday, sending the powerful Democrat back to the nation’s capital for a fourth term.
Millions Of California Voters Turn Out On Election DayAfter months of hard campaigning by candidates and weeks of negative ads funded by record political spending, millions of California voters are finally having their say.
Millions Upon Millions Spent On California CampaignsHundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars - more money has been pumped into the election this year than ever before.
California Voters Face New Choices, DistrictsCalifornia voters will confront a longer ballot with more choices as they head to the polls Tuesday. It's the first statewide primary in which voter-approved political reforms are in widespread use.
Obama Campaign Moves To Undermine Romney’s Business Credentials A new ad from President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign casts Mitt Romney as a greedy, job-killing corporate titan with little concern for the working class is just one facet of a new, multi-pronged effort to undermine one of the tent poles of his Republican rival’s candidacy: his business credentials.