Call Kurtis: $437 Bill For 2 Days of Service?

Living in a rural part of Lodi, Corey Carver knew it would be tough finding internet and TV service in a bundled package but he says DIRECTV told him they could.


white wedding

Call Kurtis: White Wedding

By all accounts the Williams wedding was beautiful.



Call Kurtis: Pool Of Disagreement

This is a classic case of “he said, he said.” The customer blames the business and the business blames the customer.



Thieves Steal Pot, Food Bank Donations And Toys

Just days after voters shot down Prop. 19 to legalize pot, a medical marijuana has been ransacked. And the reefer madness was all caught on tape.


money bills

Could California’s Pension System Collapse?

CBS13 has uncovered a number of cases where retired government workers in the state of California are receiving very hefty pension checks.


prison generic

California To Send More Inmates To Other States

California is set to send another 5,000 inmates to private prisons to reduce crowding in state-run lockups.


galleria fire

Galleria Cleanup Team Not Getting Paid On Time

The clean-up at the Roseville Galleria is creating jobs for hundreds of people. Now, some of those workers say they’re having trouble getting paid on time.


Sary Svay

Stockton Inmate May Be Linked To Double Murder

The Stockton Police Department is now linking a current inmate to the deadly shooting of two security guards that happened over a year ago.


burglary ring

Three Arrested In Local Burglary Ring

Placer County authorities have arrested three suspects who are accused of running a serial burglary ring during a four month period which targeted stores ranging from the Sacramento Area to Auburn, Placerville and Roseville


bullet train

Central Calif. To Get First High-Speed Rail Line

The first segment of a $43-billion bullet train line between San Francisco and Anaheim will be built in the middle of Central Valley farmlands, far away from either urban center.



Call Kurtis: Message Not Getting Through

We all know cell phone service can be spotty, but a Carmichael woman says her texting abilities are spotty. After spending more than a month waiting for a solution from her carrier, she called Kurtis Ming.


diamond ring

Call Kurtis: Missing Jeweler, Missing Ring

So what do you do when a jewelry store closes and the owner has your deceased mother’s ring?