Chris Trim

chris trim

Local Cop Tries To Bust TV’s “Pawn Stars”

Elk Grove PD officer Chris Trim is a contestant on a new game show called “Pawnography”, featuring the History Channel’s “Pawn Stars”.


Credit investigation

Elk Grove Police Refuse To Investigate Identity Theft Until CBS13 Steps In To Help

Suzette went to work gathering the receipts and confirming the stores that contacted her had surveillance. But after all of that work, Elk Grove Police said the suspect wasn’t a priority.


Elk Grove Break-Ins

Rash Of Swift Burglaries Have Elk Grove Residents Concerned

Elk Grove residents are concerned about a rash of break-ins during which witnesses say the thieves are in and out of homes in seconds.


Armed Robbers In South Sacramento

UPDATE: Suspects From South Sacramento SWAT Search Identified

Two armed suspects are at large in a south Sacramento neighborhood after leading police on a high-speed chase.