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Cursive Vanishing From Schools As Common Core Takes Focus

Sixth-grader Christopher Chance’s handwriting is not necessarily a labor of love. He’s worked hard to be able to write this well. Just a few years ago, he freely admits, his writing was a mess.


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BOE Moves To Give Teachers, Students Time To Adjust To New Common Core Standards

One set of California school standards has temporarily fallen victim to another.


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California Suspends School Accountability System On Common Core Standards

The board voted at a meeting in Sacramento on Wednesday not to produce an Academic Performance Index for the 2014-15 school year. The index uses student results on statewide tests to rank schools and to identify those that need improvement.


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Will Common Core Better Prepare Students For Careers In STEM Fields?

While many in education and STEM fields embrace the new Common Core standards, many strongly oppose them. Some hold the belief that the Common Core will lead to a national curriculum, others believe the standards are weaker than what states have already implemented.


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Will The Next Generation Science Standards Be The Common Core For Science?

American students are falling behind students in other countries on international assessments of math and science. Statistics such as these are driving the call for education reforms to strengthen science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in the country’s schools.


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The Importance Of STEM In Higher Education

Nearly a decade ago U.S. Congress, warned that America will fall behind in the global economy if its education system doesn’t produce more workers with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills.


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Common Core Initiative Spawns Widespread Political Fights

More than five years after U.S. governors began a bipartisan effort to set new standards in American schools, the Common Core initiative has morphed into a political tempest fueling division among Republicans.