'Condom Snorting Challenge': Experts Warn Of Dangerous Trend Among TeensA dangerous trend among teens is causing concern among the medical community.
2018 Winter Olympics Sets Record For Most Condoms Given OutA record 110,000 condoms have been handed out to the nearly 3,000 Olympians in PyeongChang; that's almost 40 condoms per athlete.
SF School Board Unanimously OKs Condoms At Middle SchoolsThe San Francisco Unified School District school board has unanimously approved a controversial decision to distribute condoms to middle school students.
State Workplace Safety Regulators Consider Condoms For Porn ActorsCondoms could be coming to porn studios across California if the state agency in charge of enforcing workplace safety adopts proposed new regulations aimed at protecting actors who make adult films.
Porn Condom Opponents Fined For Illegal Donations To Initiative CampaignState campaign finance law bars foreign entities from initiating or contributing to California political campaigns and bars campaigns from accepting such donations.
Porn Industry Says Viva Las Vegas After California Condom LawThe rule and potential opportunities in Nevada were the talk of the Adult Entertainment Expo this week. The annual sex industry trade show culminates Saturday with an awards ceremony for adult films.
Lawmaker Proposes Giving Condoms To Inmates To Cut STD RateCalifornia prisoners have unprotected sexual contact, forced or consensual, even if both are illegal, and this reality often leads to the spread of HIV and other diseases in prisons and in communities where felons are paroled.
Assemblyman Proposes Condoms For All Porn Movies Filmed In CaliforniaJust in time for Valentine's Day, a state assemblyman is proposing a special gift for porn actors — condoms for every adult film made in California.
Condoms Now Required For Los Angeles Porn ActorsActors in many of the adult films made in the nation's porn capital must use condoms under a law that took effect Monday, but the prophylactic police aren't yet on the case.
Condoms Now Required For Actors On LA Porn SetsCondoms are now required on Los Angeles porn sets.
Program Allows Local Teens To Receive Free Condoms By MailWith teen birth and STDs still at alarming rates, health advocates say one of the best ways to protect teens is by offering protection through the mail.