Connie Salinas of Sacramento shows a large rip in the collar of her daughter's shirt. Salinas said her Kenmore Elite washer destroys clothes, but Sears won't replace it.

Call Kurtis: Store Won’t Replace Recalled Washer That Rips Clothes

After two years and eight service visits, the washer is still clanging, wasting water and destroying her family’s clothes, a Sacramento mother of two told Call Kurtis.


spa mistakes call kurtis

Tonight At 10: Call Kurtis Exposes Spa Dangers

Could this happen to you? Tonight at 10, Call Kurtis investigates spa mistakes.


Living Social

Call Kurtis: I Can’t Get the Daily Deal Service I Bought

Needing her windows cleaned before a party she was throwing in three weeks, Bruna Delacy of Roseville bought a window cleaning deal she saw through Living Social.


Financial Class Call Kurtis

Call Kurtis: MoneyWork$ Class Pays You to Attend

These days, just about everyone could all use a little financial advice. We learned about a program that actually pays you to fix your finances.


Samsung TV

Call Kurtis: 7.5 Million Samsung TVs Could Be Defective

Samsung Electronics is now admitting that millions of its flat screen TVs may have problems that cause them to just shut down.


Security System

Call Kurtis: Credit Score Hit By Alarming Charge

A Stockton mom says she cancelled her contract with her alarm company twice! When she got hounded by collection agencies, she called Kurtis.


Air Conditioner Weather Seal

Call Kurtis: Get Paid to Do Home Improvements

The holidays might not be the easiest time to handle home improvement projects, but making a couple upgrades before the end of the year could save you hundreds of dollars on your tax and utility bills.



Call Kurtis: Warranty Processing Fees?

Gamble paid $5,398 for the system from Sacramento-based All-Year Heating, Air and Solar. But when the system broke down after five years, the repairman charged him $405 — $85 for a service call, $170 for two hours of labor, and $150 for “circuit board” — which Gamble thought was a part.



Call Kurtis: Product Packaging

It can be frustrating for all consumers trying to get the last drops of shampoo or dish soap out of the container, but think twice before you throw those bottles away—you may be throwing away more than you realized.



Call Kurtis: Do I Have to Pay Early Termination Fees?

Priya Prikita is ready to start a new life. After her wedding, Prikita moved from her old apartment in San Mateo into a brand new Antelope home with her new husband. “It’s our first home,” […]


Air Bag Photo

Call Kurtis: My Air Bag Is Off!

It’s a federal requirement that all new passenger cars have frontal air bags. When a Placerville woman noticed her air bag was off in her new truck, she called Kurtis Ming.


The iPad 2 is shown at an Apple event after the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco. (credit: AP)

Apple Passes Exxon As Most Valuable US Company

Apple briefly surpassed Exxon Mobil as the most valuable company in the U.S. Tuesday afternoon before settling back slightly lower.