puppy dies

Call Kurtis: My Craigslist Puppy Died, Where’s My Refund?

According to attorney Jacqueline Siemens, the legislature saw a need to protect consumers. If you buy from a breeder, defined in California as someone who in a year sells at least twenty puppies or three litters, you have rights if a dog becomes sick within the first 15 days.



2 Rancho Cordova Men Arrested For Selling Stolen Items On Craigslist

Authorities have arrested two people suspected of trying to sell stolen property through Craigslist.



Police: Man Posed As Woman In Online Sex Ad Scam

Police have arrested a 34-year-old Tustin man for posting an ad on Craigslist in which he allegedly posed as a woman to lure teenage boys into sexual encounters.


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Dog Shot By Police During Arrest Of Stockton Homicide Suspect

Not only was a man robbed then shot Wednesday, police say two people were stabbed in separate incidents – including one fatally.


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Money-Saving Tips For Camping

With warm weather and clear skies, heading out for a camping trip is one of America’s most popular excursions. Here are some of the best money-saving tips while camping.


Vacation rental

Call Kurtis: Fake Vacation Rental Scam Uses Real Name

Jay agreed, so Tim sent him half the money, $1050, via PayPal. But, he said the person on the other end of the emails quit responding, and Tim thought he was out his money,


air bag

Thieves Targeting Car Airbags In East Sacramento

Police issued the alert to East Sacramento residents about a big jump in car break-ins with thieves stealing the safety devices straight from behind the steering wheel.


illegal fireworks

Illegal Fireworks Sales Flourish On Craigslist, Facebook

Illegal fireworks sales are big business. According to the state’s Fireworks Safety task force, it’s confiscated 175 tons of them in the state. That’s a street value worth millions of dollars.


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Where To Buy A Cheap Car Online

In place of tiny columns with cryptic abbreviations of a car’s conditions, the Internet boasts searchable listings with generous detail and expansive photo galleries.


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How To Sell My Car Fast

When you need your old car gone in a hurry, there are several good ways to balance minimizing the hassle and getting the best price.


elk grove stolen

Elk Grove Woman Shocked To Find Missing Dog For Sale On Craigslist

Ella thought her dog was just missing until she found an ad on Craigslist with a picture of her dog. She said the seller refused to return her emails, so CBS13 decided to set up a meeting of our own.


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Sting Targets Unlicensed Mechanics Advertising On Craigslist

Investigators say men posing as legitimate mechanics are ripping off thousands of Californians every year.