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Davis Teen Gets 52 Years To Life In Brutal Slaying Of Elderly Couple In Their Beds

Daniel Marsh was found guilty in September of stabbing Claudia Maupin and Oliver “Chip” Northup to death and mutilating them in April 2013. A judge sentenced Marsh to 52 years to life behind bars.


Marsh during the final arguments in the case. (Credit: CBS13)

Davis Teen Sentenced To Life In Prison For Murdering Elderly Couple

A Yolo County Superior Court Judge has sentenced a Davis teen to life in prison for the brutal murder of an elderly couple.


Marsh during the final arguments in the case. (Credit: CBS13)

Davis Teen Found Guilty Of Brutally Slaying, Mutilating Elderly Couple

Daniel Marsh, a Davis teen accused of brutally killing two seniors in 2013, has been found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder.


Marsh during the final arguments in the case. (Credit: CBS13)

Jury Hearing Closing Arguments In Trial Of Murdered Davis Couple

A jury will hear closing arguments in the trial of Daniel Marsh, the teen accused of brutally killing two seniors in Davis in 2013.


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Paramedic: Elderly Davis Couple’s Organs Were Removed After Stabbing

Daniel Marsh was 15 at the time of he allegedly murdered Chip Northup and his wife Claudia Maupin in the couple’s bed.


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Jury Hears Gruesome Details Of 15-Year-Old’s Alleged Slaying Of Elderly Davis Couple

Marsh was just 15 when he allegedly went to 40 to 50 homes searching to unlocked windows and doors before killing Claudia Maupin and her husband Chip Northup.


Credit: CBS13

Trial Begins Tuesday For Davis Teen Accused Of Killing Seniors

Opening statements will begin Tuesday in the trial of a Davis teenager accused of stabbing an elderly couple to death last year.


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Teen Accused Of Torturing And Murdering Davis Couple Wants Torture Charge Dropped

The teenager accused of stabbing an elderly Davis couple to death inside their home wants the torture charge against him dropped.


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Investigators Say Teen Suspected Of Killing Elderly Couple Planned To Kill Again

According to other testimony, both were stabbed more than 60 times each. Claudia begged him to stop as she died. Prosecutors say Marsh confessed to then mutilating their bodies.


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Prosecutors: Davis Teen Looking For Someone To Kill Before Eviscerating Elderly Couple

During a preliminary hearing, investigators testified they not only had a detailed confession of stabbing each victim dozens of times, but they say he admitted he had thought about killing people since he was 10.


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Court Documents Show Teen Suspect’s Troubles Through Custody Fight

While a motive may never be known, CBS13 obtained court documents that show a list of the suspect’s apparent mental issues.


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Teen Accused Of Killing Davis Couple Makes First Court Appearance

Shackled in a shirt and tie, showing little emotion, Daniel Marsh, 16, asked for a public defender, saying he couldn’t afford counsel.