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Call Kurtis: Debt Collectors Recorded Conversation And Twisted My Words!

Debt collectors are taking your words out of context, to make it sound like you agreed to pay back the debt.


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Call Kurtis: Hounded Again By Debt Collectors For A Bill She Didn’t Owe

A Stockton woman thought her hassles with an alarm company were all fixed when she first called Kurtis.


Call Kurtis, Collectors

Call Kurtis: It’s Not My Debt

A Call Kurtis investigation reveals a debt collection practice that may keep the phone ringing for years.


Harassed By Fake Creditors

Call Kurtis: Debt Collection Scam

The FBI is warning consumers of a scam which involves high-pressure calls from people asking you to pay a debt you never really had.



Local Debt Collectors Accused Of Making Threatening Phone Calls

Nobody likes getting a call from a debt collector. But one local company is getting called out for allegations of threatening phone calls and now we have the tape to prove it.