Discovery Museum Science & Space Center

Two visitors walk past a 60-year-old steam locomotive

Best Exhibits For Kids In Sacramento

Sacramento museums have exhibits to spark a child’s imagination on everything from restored planes and railcars, outer space and farmers’ markets, engineering, science and dinosaurs.


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Guide To Sacramento’s Discovery Museum Science & Space Center

The Discovery Museum Science and Space Center is the perfect destination for families, particularly for those with children from ages five to early teens.


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Best Permanent Exhibits In Sacramento

Many special exhibits are temporary visitors to the capitol city, but a wide array of exciting and creative collections are available as permanent installations.


mars rover replica

NASA Loans Mars Rover Replica To Sacramento Museum

A little bit of history is now staying at a Sacramento museum, giving space lovers an up close look at a Mars rover.


Best Sacramento Museums

Are you an art lover? Looking to learn a little about California history?