Tip Line Lets California Residents Report Irresponsible Drone PilotsAfter more than a dozen instances of firefighting operations being slowed by drones in the air, California is giving the public a chance to report irresponsible drone users.
Men Plead Guilty To Smuggling Heroin Into U.S. By Drone From MexicoThey each face maximum sentences of 20 years in prison when they are sentenced Oct. 20 for possession of heroin with intent to distribute.
San Bernardino County Could Offer Rewards Leading To Drone Operators Who Hampered FirefightA Southern California county may offer $25,000 rewards for tips leading to the arrest and conviction of drone operators who interfered with aerial battles against three recent wildfires.
Diver Looking For Owner Of Crashed Drone Found Near Rainbow BridgeThe memory card revealed the fateful plunge took place eight months ago. The video also shows the man behind the plane with controls in hand.
Drone Regulation Debate Enters New Phase With Proposed FAA, California RulesCurrently, the United States bans almost all commercial outdoor usage of drones. But a new set of proposed rules by the Federal Aviation Administration is about to change that.
Drone Overloaded With Meth Crashes In Parking Lot Near U.S.-Mexico BorderTijuana police spokesman Jorge Morrua said Wednesday that police were alerted after the drone fell Tuesday night near the San Ysidro crossing at Mexico's border with California.
Private Drone Near Sand Fire Almost Hinders Air Firefighting EffortsA private drone trying to record footage of a Northern California wildfire nearly hindered efforts to attack the flames from the air, but firefighters made enough progress to allow some of the 1,200 people under evacuation orders to return home Monday.
States Wrestle With Developing, Restricting DronesLaw enforcement, government agencies and others are itching to use drones for everything from finding lost hikers to tracking shifting wildfires. But privacy watchdogs are urging state legislatures to step in and head off any potential privacy violations.
Amazon.com Sees Delivery Drones As Future
Bills Aim To Protect Privacy As Drone Age DawnsCalifornia lawmakers are attempting to address privacy concerns as pilotless aircraft are being considered for a wide range of uses.
Alameda County Sheriff Making Another Pitch For An Aerial DroneThe Alameda County Sheriff's Office is making another pitch to be among a few local law enforcement agencies to use unmanned aerial drones.