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After Meeting Drought Goal, Folsom Turns Water Back On At Splash Parks

Folsom Mayor Andy Morin says the water is back by popular demand, and because the city exceeded its 32 percent state water conservation target, thanks to a lot of help from mindful residents.



Drought Desperation Reaches Expensive New Level As Canal Flow Will Be Reversed

The expensive emergency project is meant to keep water districts from going completely dry and farmers from going under.


street sweeper

Why Are Street Sweepers Still Using Water In California Drought?

It’s the same reason you see crews spraying down construction sites—they have to keep the air as clean as possible.


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Experts: Illegal Pot Farms In California Threatening Salmon Fisheries

A state legislative committee will look at the impact of the drought and water use by illegal marijuana cultivators on North Coast fisheries at a hearing in Sacramento.


Hetch Hetchy Reservoir (credit: water.ca.gov)

Water Board Tells San Francisco To Stop Taking River Water It Stores In Hetch Hetchy

The State Water Resources Control Board ordered the cutback under its latest round of notices that waterways are too dry to meet demand in the drought.


fish evacuation

California Drought Forces Fish Evacuation

Water temperatures at the American River hatchery were approaching dangerous levels for the rainbow trout, putting their lives in danger. So, for the second year in a row, they will have to be evacuated.


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California Drought Making Home Buyers Think Twice About Properties

He says more and more, home buyers want to know all about the water, including how much they can use, what are the watering rules, where the water is coming from and how stable that source is.


water rights

Confusion Reigns Over California Water Rights As Farmers Go Without Water For The First Time In A Century

The Byron-Bethany Irrigation District turned off the pumps on Wednesday, abruptly stopping the flow of water to dozens of farms like Arnaudo’s. The district is one of more than 100 senior water rights holders cut off by the state.


water pressure

San Juan Water District Cutting Customers’ Water Pressure To Meet Drought Goals

With water agencies across the state under pressure to meet conservation goals, the San Juan Water District is cutting back by reducing water pressure for some customers.


staying cool, saving water

With Temperatures In The Triple Digits, How Can You Stay Cool In The Drought?

Rhea Serran with the city of Sacramento’s water conservation department says you can use your hose to cool off, with one caveat.


water mountain house

Neighboring Water District Agrees To Sell Water To Mountain House

The South San Joaquin Irrigation District board voted 4-0 to sell water to the community just west of Tracy through the end of the calendar year.


water mountain house

Water Will Continue To Flow In Mountain House, For Now

Mountain House’s preferred solution involves buying water from a nearby district that’s also dealing with cutbacks. The fallback could have Mountain House shouldering big time state fines.