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Proposed Sacramento Water District Merger Would Serve More Than 300,000 Customers

The merger between the Sacramento Suburban Water District and the San Juan Water District would create a district that serves more than 300,000 customers.

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California Lottery Building Among Worst In State When It Comes To Wasting Water

The brand-new state-of-the-art and environmentally green California Lottery building is one culprit. It used 26 percent more water in 2014 than the year before. Operations direct Terry Murphy blames an irrigation leak that went unchecked for four months.

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Sacramento-Area Water Districts Demand Water Resources Board Change Drought Restrictions

Placer County Water Agency is one of dozens of districts across the state to send harsh letters complaining about mandatory water cuts up to nearly 36 percent to meet the state’s 25 percent goal.


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California Drought Drawing Rodents Into Homes During Breeding Season

Spring is already a busy time of the year for rats and mice since it’s breeding season, but dry conditions are forcing rodents to look for spaces as small as the width of a thumb to get inside homes.


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Water Conservation Could Be As Simple As A Washer Or A Shower Head

When it comes to faucets, leaks from the handles are the biggest problem and and can be the easiest and cheapest to fix.


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Tiered Pricing Aimed At Water Conservation Ruled Unconstitutional

The ruling comes shortly after Gov. Jerry Brown issued drought orders that call for rates, including tiered pricing, that encourage people to save water. About two-thirds of water districts in the state use some form of tiered pricing, and the ruling was being closely watched to see how it might apply beyond the appellate court, which is only binding in Orange County.


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New California Drought Restrictions Mean Harsher Limits In San Juan Water District

The San Juan Water District that serves Granite Bay, Folsom and other nearby cities will have to cut back by 36 percent, up slightly from the last state proposal to meet Gov. Jerry Brown’s 25 percent mandatory restrictions.


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Appeals Court: California Water District Can’t Charge Higher Rates For Those Who Use More

The ruling upholds an Orange County judge’s decision that found that charging the biggest water users higher rates violates a voter-passed law that prohibits government agencies from charging more than the cost of a service.


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New State Water Rules Mean Most Of Sacramento Region Will See Slightly Stronger Restrictions

Out of 19 water districts in the region, 14 will see an increase in water restrictions from 1 to 3 percent. The El Dorado Irrigation District was a lone bright spot with a 7 percent reduction in its target.


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How Does California’s New Water Restriction Plan Affect Your District?

As it did before, the board is basing the restrictions on Residential Gallons Per Capita Day, a formula for finding how much water residential customers use each day.


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New California Drought Water Restriction Proposal Bases Cuts On Summer Months

The new rules will now be based on the months of July, August and September, a dry time of the year when most outdoor watering happens. The number of tiers has doubled to eight, ranging anywhere from 8 percent to 36 percent in cuts.


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Low Yuba County Water Levels Have Cal Fire Preparing For Worst In California Drought

The lake that feeds into the Yuba River is 16 feet lower than it was last year, meaning fire crews will likely have to go further to get the water they need.