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Gov. Brown Signs Bill Authorizing $1 Billion In Drought-Related Spending

Gov. Jerry Brown has approved a plan injecting $1 billion of water spending into California as it grapples with a historic drought.


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$1B Water Spending Bill Heads To Governor

A $1 billion water spending plan for drought-stricken California is heading to Gov. Jerry Brown.



Farmers May Sell Water Meant For Growing Crops During California’s Drought

Canals are currently dry, but Central Valley farmers will start pumping in water soon. But not everyone will need it, as some annual crops can survive a year without water. Others, including almond orchards and vineyards can’t.


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State Lawmakers Vote To Speed Up Water Projects Meant To Bring Relief, Fund Infrastructure Projects

California lawmakers are considering a plan to speed up more than $1 billion in water spending as the drought persists.



Lake Tulloch Residents Worried Feds’ Water Releases Will Harm Reservoir

The level in the lake is currently where it should be this time of year, but water levels in the river below the dam are low. The river is home to the endangered steelhead trout, and the federal government wants to save the fish before the water gets too warm for it to live.


SACRAMENTO, CA - MARCH 19: California Gov. Jerry Brown (C) walks with Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de Leon (L) and Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins (R) enroute to a news conference to announce emergency drought legislation on March 19, 2015 in Sacramento, California. As California enters its fourth year of severe drought, California Gov. Jerry Brown joined Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de Leon, Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins, Republican Leaders Senator Bob Huff and Assemblymember Kristin Olsen to announce emergency legislation that aims to assist local communities that are struggling with devastating drought. The $1 billion package is designed to expedite bond funding to help ensure that all Californians have access to local water supplies. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

California Senate Leader Will Miss $1 Billion Drought Relief Vote For Japan Trip

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon announced Friday that he and two senators will leave next Thursday for a 10-day trip to meet with Japanese government officials on transportation, clean energy and climate change.


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California Gov. Jerry Brown To Announce New Emergency Drought Legislation On Thursday

Gov. Jerry Brown will announce new emergency drought legislation at a press conference on Thursday, his office announced Wednesday.


roseville water usage crackdown

Roseville Must Change Its Rules, Despite Meeting State Conservation Requirements

Over the past year, Roseville residents have consistently reduced their water use almost every month by about 20 percent, but the state still wants them to change how they do that.



California Drought May Be Causing Increase In Fleas

Fleas can live year-round in California, but pet owners in our area say they’re seeing infestations like never before.


new water rules

California Water Board Approves Stricter Rules Than 1977 Drought

Restaurants statewide will no longer automatically offer water when the server comes to the table. Patrons will have to ask for it. Hotel guests can now ask housekeeping staff not to wash linens each day, and there are changes coming for lawn watering.


water restrictions propsed

California Water Officials Poised To Strengthen Water Restrictions Amid Drought

State water officials are poised to pass some tough water restrictions on Tuesday, including three major regulations likely to hit California residents.


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New California Drought Restrictions Coming To Restaurants, Hotels, As Home Rules Get Stricter

The first priority is managing what water is left. Stricter regulations will be up for vote on Tuesday that will affect both the hotel and restaurant industry. Unless you ask for it, restaurants won’t be serving customers water, and hotels won’t change your sheets and towels daily.