Water Restrictions Looming Once Again As Dry Winter ContinuesThe familiar rules may become reality in the state as water officials once again grapple with signs of a new drought. So with such a dry winter, what's in our future?
Brief Break From Severe Drought Over In Southern CaliforniaMillions living in Los Angeles County and two neighboring counties plunged back into the elevated category of drought amid a dry winter.
In Less Than 3 Months, A Major International City Will Likely Run Out Of WaterCape Town is South Africa's second largest city - with a population similar to Sacramento's - and is in the middle of the worst drought of a century.
Sutter County Prune Crop, Devastated In Last Season's Storms, Making ComebackWet weather at the wrong time devastated the prune crop in Sutter County last year.
Proposal Would Commit California To Acting On Shrinking LakeFive months after California outlined a $383 million plan to slow the shrinking of the state's largest lake, agencies will try to make sure officials honor the commitment, according to a report.
Sacramento City Council Votes To Continue Watering RestrictionsThe Sacramento city council has decided to continue conservation efforts by cutting back on residents' water use.
For Some Californians, Effects Of Punishing Drought Not OverDespite record rain and snow, California's drought emergency has not ended for thousands of people in four rural counties.
Governor Brown Declares Historic Drought OverThirsty California lawns faded to brown from a lack of water in four extraordinarily dry years have revived to bright green in neighborhoods across the state.
With Drought Emergency Over, California Water Districts Worry New Rules May Be Too RestrictiveWasteful watering is still banned, but mandatory conservation is no longer in effect. Instead, it's been replaced with a new statewide water-efficiency plan.
Manual Sierra Snowpack Measurement Comes In At 183% Of AverageCalifornia water managers say the Sierra Nevada's most robust springtime snowpack in years could trigger flooding as it melts.
Areas Of San Joaquin Valley Sink Further In 2016, Officials Blame Groundwater PumpingRadar satellite maps created by NASA show land continues to sink rapidly in certain areas of the San Joaquin Valley, putting state and federal aqueducts and flood control structures at risk of damage.
Water Regulators Considering Whether To Lift California Water RestrictionsWater regulators in California will consider Wednesday whether to extend conservation measures prompted by the lengthy drought - even though the state has seen one of its wettest winters in years.