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thieves brass pipes

Stockton Thieves Targeting Backup Sprinkler Valves, Wasting Lots Of Water

Many private companies and homeowners have their own back flow regulators that vary in size. Thieves look at the above ground pipes as a potential opportunity for scrap metal.


drought water

Women Respond To Ice Bucket Challenge By Raising Money For California Town With Dry Wells

After being nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, employees at Angeion Consulting decided that instead of dumping water on their heads, they’d donate to help a town running dangerously low on water.


Researchers used satellite data on the Earth's crust to determine how much water has been lost during the current drought. (David McNew/Getty Images)

Study Finds Huge Amount Of Water Loss Across Western United States

About 63 trillion gallons of water have been lost to drought in the western United States


water worries

Proactive Officials Counter Resident’s Risk Of Running Out Of Drinking Water From Lake Amador

Lake Amador is less than half full. Earlier this year, neighbors were worried they would run out of water, but local leaders worked to make sure that wouldn’t happen.


school gren

Why Are Some Sacramento Businesses,’ School’s Lawns Green?

One possible reason is a disconnect with the business owner telling the landscape manager to keep the lawn looking green. Since private landscapers don’t pay the water bill, they can easily overwater.


business drying up

Business Drying Up Near Folsom Lake As Drought Shrinks Reservoir

From boat and equipment rentals to food and drink sales, many businesses are taking a hit, and some are wondering if a wet rainy season could save their business.


trees drought

Cutting Back On Drought Watering Could Bring Death To Your Trees

Residents in cities such as Vacaville, Woodland and Davis are doing what the governor asked by cutting water use by 20 percent. Those who have stopped watering their lawns often forget about their trees.


(Photo Illustration by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Long Delayed California Water Bond Vote Scheduled For Wednesday

The compromise measure needs two-thirds support in both houses. That will require backing by Republicans in the Senate, where Democrats lack a supermajority.


beef bind

Beef: It Could Be What’s More Expensive For Dinner As Drought Cuts Hay Production

A drought in the central United States has reduced hay production, cattle’s main meal. With less to feed them, ranchers are cutting back, too. Cattle production is down to a level not seen since the 1950s.


drought and earthquakes

Report: Groundwater Removal During Drought Could Cause Earthquakes

The drought has forced many homeowners and farmers to dig deeper wells, tapping into the California aquifer. A recent Take Part web publication, citing NASA scientists, suggests using too much of this underground water could cause earthquakes.


SOURCE: City of West Sacramento

West Sacramento Splash Park Closes Due To Drought

Closing the spray park will save an estimated 630,000 gallons of water a a month.


conservation crackdown

Galt City Leaders Putting Pressure On Residents To Cut Water Usage

Starting on Friday, watering your lawn more than three times a week, washing sidewalks or driveways, or using a hose without an automatic shutoff device could mean up to $100 in fines in Galt.