Technology Behind E-Cigarettes Takes Off As Regulation Looms For ‘Vapers’

At the same time, a rapidly growing market for e-cigarettes and the possibility that the devices could be safer than regular cigarettes have some in the industry worried that regulation that’s too heavy-handed would stifle the technological innovation – and their businesses.


(Credit: NICOLAS TUCAT/AFP/Getty Images)

Congressional Report Presses For E-Cigarette Rules

Concerns about electronic cigarettes, including flavors and marketing that could appeal to young people, underscore the need to regulate the fast-growing industry, according to a Congressional report released Monday.


Hookah Lounge

Rancho Cordova Bans New Hookah Lounges While Reviewing E-Cig Plan

As e-cigarettes become more popular, cities are looking to rewrite their smoking regulations. In Rancho Cordova’s case, hookah lounges could be part of those new rules.