Top 7 Environmental & Eco-Friendly FilmsIn recent years, Hollywood has financed and developed more and more films that draw attention to the effects of humans on planet earth.
With New Film, Rapper Ja Rule Looks Ahead After PrisonJa Rule, who recently spent nearly two years behind bars for illegal gun possession, landed a role in a new movie because screenwriter Galley Molina empathized with the rapper's missteps.
Film Reviews Blog: ‘For Greater Glory’ A Long-Winded TaleThe actors are fantastic, the story is interesting, and the ideals expressed are noble, but “For Greater Glory” is far too long, and encompasses far too much to keep an audiences’ attention for one sitting.
Call Kurtis: Auto Shop Offers Fix After Warranty HeadacheIt's hard to find a single chip, dent or scratch on the sportscar's thick coat of shiny white paint. Given the care he gives it, one might never know Campbell bought the car three years ago. But if you look closely, the front end of the car is a slightly darker shade -- a creamier color, from a yellowing protectant film.
The Most Anticipated Movies Of Spring 2011