Local Riders Hope To Blaze Path For Women Into Motocross

The dynamic duo of Amber Felicio and Marissa Markelon have a lot to prove.



Missing Autistic Boy, 12 Found In Folsom

He’s described as a 12-year-old white male, standing 5 feet tall and weighing 60 pounds. He was last seen wearing navy blue sweat pants with a white stripe down the side and a white T-shirt.


water restriction

Folsom Plans To Slash Watering, Offer Rebates To Reach 32 Percent Cut

Marcus Yasutake runs water conservation for the city and says along with parks getting less water, the city is making some big changes. Grass will be removed from more than 30 medians, and city buildings will be upgraded with water-efficient fixtures. Homeowners will be offered rebates to do the same.



Water Pipe Along Road In Folsom Gushes For Hours

A broken sprinkler system in Folsom that spewed a lot of water overnight has finally been shut off.


job boom

Retail Jobs Are In Abundance In Sacramento County

From the Sierra down, the drought has cost the region thousands of jobs.


water waste

Folsom Water District Received Dozens Of Water Waste Calls

The splish splash of muddy puddles has Folsom condo owner Mark Kaupe made. He says he’s complained of water waste to management here, but has gotten no response.


drone discovery

Diver Looking For Owner Of Crashed Drone Found Near Rainbow Bridge

The memory card revealed the fateful plunge took place eight months ago. The video also shows the man behind the plane with controls in hand.



Modified Wheels Help Local Man Ride Out Dreams After Paralysis

His enthusiasm and zest for life is not hard to miss.



3 Years After His Death, How Much Is My Thomas Kinkade Painting Worth?

The value of the piece depends on whether the painting is signed and numbered. The open edition works—those without numbers or signatures, that don’t come with certificate of authenticity—aren’t going to see an increase since those works are still being made today.


road work

Auburn-Folsom Road Project Nearing Conclusion After Nearly Two Years

The project is finally expected to be done by the end of this summer. But there’s more to dig with this major roadway redo. It’s one of the largest the area has seen, and involves turning a century-old country road into a major four-lane bypass.


water conservation drops

California Water Conservation Plummets In January Following Wet December

Storms soaked the land in December, but January was the driest on record. And so, she says, people turned on their sprinklers. She cautions against reading too much into one month—in Folsom, residents conserved more than 21 percent in 2014, and had one of the highest rates in the state.


mission to mars

Folsom Woman One Of 100 People With A Chance At One-Way Trip To Mars

While there are still a few more rounds to go, Kristin Richmond is now just one of 100 people and one of just 50 women who could be picked to take a one-way trip out of this world.