Folsom Guide Dog Nominated For AwardHis name is Klinger and he's from Folsom. His family says he's changed their lives and helps his owner compete in triathlons.
City Says It Didn't Know Sewer Rate Announcement Went OutResidents in Folsom are blaming the increase on a new development, but city leaders say that's not the case and plans for the hike are delayed.
12,000 New Homes In Folsom Ranch Project Raise Water Supply WorriesAbout 12,000 homes will be built in a new community south of Highway 50, but neighbors worry the next drought will show a shortfall.
Hidden Camera Found In Booth At Folsom Tanning SalonA woman says during a tanning session at Folsom Sun Club, she noticed something that looked like a phone charger. It was something much creepier.
Amgen Tour Of California Goes From Folsom to South Lake Tahoe On FridayFriday's State of the Amgen Tour of California will stretch from Sacramento County to the Sierra this weekend. 
Car Comes Crashing Inside Grocery Store In FolsomA car drove through the front of a Raley's grocery store in Folsom, causing a lot of damage. 
Folsom PD Hires New ChiefFolsom hired a new Chief of Police.
Folsom Daycare Owner Hit With Noise Complaint From NeighborShe says she's shocked that someone would complain about small children being active outdoors.
Flood Watch In Effect As Warm Storm Moves Into CaliforniaMany homeowners in the area worried about another round of flooding just two weeks after the last storm.
SeaQuest Aquarium Opening In Folsom Raises ConcernsThe new attraction is coming to Palladio in Folsom. But locals like Alycia Morgan say putting an aquarium 100 miles from the beach is bizarre.
Folsom Police Discover Thousands Of Dollars In Stolen Bras After Pulling Over SuspectsPolice uncovered a big secret when they pulled over a car in Folsom on Friday.
Arrests Send Statement: Cops Take School Threats SeriouslyPolice took swift action Monday morning when teachers at River City High School reported a threat on their voicemail.