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Grand Jury Report Hits Stockton Financial Decisions

Creditor Appeals Stockton’s Bankruptcy Plan

A major investment firm is challenging a court-approved bankruptcy plan for the California city of Stockton.


pension cuts

Stockton Workers Fear Pensions They Worked For May Be Slashed In Bankruptcy Settlement

A federal bankruptcy judge ruled Wednesday that Stockton’s pension issues were no different than its other bills, leaving the door open for the city to slash payments once thought protected.


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Franklin Templeton Investments Opposed To Stockton’s Bankruptcy Plan

An attorney for the largest city in California to seek bankruptcy protection told a judge it has tried to reach a deal with its last major creditor, but the company is not budging.


A pedestrian walks by a Stockton Record newspaper rack displaying the headline 'Bankrupt!' on June 27, 2012 in Stockton, California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Bankrupt Stockton Defends Financial Plan In Court

The largest city in California to file for bankruptcy protection is asking a judge Monday to approve its plan for reorganizing more than $900 million in long-term debt to rescue the city from two years of financial uncertainty.