Gas Station

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Make-A-Wish Trip To Disney World Accidentally Leaves Adults Behind

A northern New York family’s Make-A-Wish trip to Disney World got off to a shaky start after the limousine taking them to the airport left two adults behind at a gas station



Hostages Released After Tense Standoff At Antioch Gas Station

Authorities say the incident began around midday Wednesday with a report of a carjacking. After a brief police pursuit, the man crashed the stolen car and went into a nearby Arco gas station and convenience store.


Manpreet Ghuman

South Lake Tahoe Residents Stunned By Gas Station Clerk’s Murder

Tiffany Davis and her sister Ashaley live just down the road from the South Lake Tahoe gas station. They came to lay flowers for a man friends identify as 28-year-old Manpreet Ghuman.


gas station shooting

UPDATED: Man Killed In Fatal Gas Station Shooting Identified

A child was caught in the middle of a Saturday shootout at a south Sacramento gas station. When police arrived, the child was safe in his car seat, but the driver was dead.


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Sophisticated Marijuana Grow Discovered At Gas Station In Yuba City

Net-5 Task Force members say a family was selling marijuana out of the back room of a gas station—less than a mile from the Sutter County Jail.


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Sacramento Gas Station Robbed Overnight

Two men are on the run after robbing gas station in south Sacramento.


Chevron Station Rocklin

Masked Man Robs Rocklin Gas Station

A masked man robbed a Chevron gas station in Rocklin Wednesday night.


gas station

Manteca Gas Station Owner Protests Rising Prices By Shutting Off Pumps

Gas prices jumped eight cents over night and could go even higher, because of a supply problem fueled by refinery and pipeline outages.


A green hose can be seen leading from a plastic tank inside a van into an underground gas tank at a Carmichael gas station. (credit: CBS)

Deputies Say Suspect Used Elaborate System To Siphon Gas From Underground Tank

Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a man they say was using an elaborate system to steal gas directly from an underground tank at a Carmichael gas station.


(credit: Elk Grove Police Dept.)

Police Searching For Elk Grove Gas Station Robber

Police in Elk Grove are asking for the public’s help to bring an armed robber to justice.


baby found dead

UPDATE: Baby Found Dead In Gas Station Trash Can

Surveillance video has not been able to offer additional clues into who dumped a baby in garbage can in Waterford last week.


Gas Price Down

Gas Station’s Discount Pricing Strategy Bringing In Customers

A gas station in Stockton has one price by day and a different one at night. And the strategy appears to be bringing in the customers — just what the owner wants.