Gerber Road

Credit: CW31

Fire Burns Mobile Home In South Sacramento

Fire crews in south Sacramento are mopping up a fire that burned a mobile home overnight.


credit: CBS

Woman Facing DUI Charges After Crashing Vehicle Into Fire Hydrant

A woman is facing charges after driving into a fire hydrant in south Sacramento. CHP says at 2 a.m. the woman lost control of her car, hitting the hydrant on Gerber Road.


Sacramento Police generic

Child Injured By Flying Glass During Shooting In Sacramento

A child was injured during a shooting at a south Sacramento business on Monday.


truck wall

Slick Roads Being Blamed As Big Rig Slams Through Sound Wall Into Backyard

A big rig driver apparently lost control on a slick road this morning and ended up plowing through a concrete block wall and into a backyard, according to CHP.