Home Burglary

Sophie Castaneda

Stockton Teen Hiding In Shower During Burglary Helps Police Catch Suspect

A Stockton teenager is being hailed for her bravery again after a shocking situation in the shower of her own home.


Sophie Castaneda

Stockton Teen Hiding In Bathroom Shower Scares Off Burglar

A Stockton teenager spooked an alleged burglar by hiding out in the shower.


Manuel Gallardo (left), Alma Avila (right)

Suspects Arrested For Burglary While Elderly Homeowner Was Sleeping

Stanislaus County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested two people for allegedly breaking into a home and stealing items all while the homeowner was sleeping inside.


Kellie Trull, Burglary  Suspect

Burglary Suspect Arrested After Leaving Backpack Behind

A home break-in suspect was easily tracked down after leaving behind a backpack with picture ID and her address, according to authorities.

CBS13/CW31 Television–06/06/2011

Photos on the victim's eBay classified ad show some of the stolen puppies.

Police: Suspects Stole Puppies, Assaulted Woman

Police are searching for two men who allegedly assaulted a woman at her Rancho Cordova home and stole some of her purebred dogs.