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Texas Lawmakers Visit Sriracha Plant Accused Of Emitting Offensive Odors

The maker of the popular Sriracha hot sauce says he has no intention of moving his embattled factory out of Irwindale, California, but he has told two visiting Texas lawmakers he might consider expanding into that state.


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2-Week Truce For Hot Sauce Maker, California City

A cooling-off period has been called in the fight between the makers of Sriracha hot sauce and the Southern California city that says its air is too spicy to bear.


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SoCal City Declares Sriracha Maker A Nuisance

A Southern California city has declared the factory that produces the popular Sriracha hot sauce a public nuisance.


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Shooting Reported At SoCal Edison Office

Police say three people have been killed and two more were injured in a California office complex shooting.