jesse james white

Jesse James White

Riverbank Councilman Pleads Not Guilty To Felony DUI

The embattled Riverbank city councilman accused of child endangerment and felony drunken driving appeared before a judge Wednesday.


Jesse James White

Riverbank Councilman Jesse James White On Hot Seat Again

A controversial Riverbank city councilman could be kicked out of office, but it’s not because of his numerous run-ins with the law.


Missing Councilman

Riverbank Official Arrested On DUI Charge Absent From City Council Meeting

A lot of residents at the Riverbank city council meeting Monday night were hoping to hear from council member Jesse James White, but he was a no-show. But the message that he sent to the council through his attorney had a lot of folks demanding his resignation.


John Visser

UPDATE: Riverbank City Councilman Bails Out Of Jail Following DUI Arrest

A Riverbank city councilman was arrested for DUI and child endangerment after a crash left his four-year-old son bloodied and bruised.



Calif. Councilman Admits To Drug Charge

A Riverbank city official has avoided being forced out of office by pleading guilty to a misdemeanor drug charge, instead of a felony charge.