Joe Montana

Keith Brooks and Carmichael Dave Show - Feb 2nd, 2015
Little Joe Loudmouth: The 3 Reasons I'm Rooting For The Seahawks, As A Niner Fan, To Win The Super Bowl
Keith Brooks and Carmichael Dave Show - January 8th, 2015
Little Joe Loudmouth: My All Time Bay Area Football Team
Little Joe Loudmouth: Poll: Greatest Catch Ever?
Top 5 Moments In Super Bowl HistoryA great Super Bowl moment for one fan is a crushing blow for another. Check out these top 5.
Keidel: Final Chapter In Manning Vs. Brady?No matter who has the edge Sunday, it seems the nation is rooting for Manning, because it's been harder for him to win, because he's not so pretty, because he's considered one of us, because you get the sense that his aw-shucks, southern refrain is real.
Chiefs Might Be Getting Healthy Again At Just The Right TimeInjuries slowed down the Kansas City Chiefs in the second half of the NFL season, but now they are much healthier as the playoffs approach.
Keith Brooks & Carmichael Dave - September 13, 2013
Former 49ers RB Roger Craig Previews This Week's Game In Seattle
Delay For Joe Montana's Hotel At New 49ers Stadium
Former 49ers General Manager Inducted Into Team's Hall Of FameHe is one of the unsung heroes of the San Francisco 49ers who helped build a legendary franchise.
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