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Labor Day

KHTK Sports 1140 Is Sending You To The Premiere Of “Labor Day” On January 28th!

Single mother, Adele, and her son offer a stranger, Frank, a ride who turns out to be an escaped convict. They soon learn his story and Adele and Frank fall in love. KHTK Sports 1140 […]

KHTK Sports 1140–01/17/2014


Film Reviews Blog: ‘Gangster Squad’

In its previews, “Gangster Squad” is already being called one of the best gangster films of the decade. Considering we are only days into this year, and only three years into the decade, it doesn’t amount to much.


Will Smith

Film Reviews Blog: ‘Men In Black 3,’ A Retro Blast

The “Men In Black” are back with all the shiny weapons and aliens; but unfortunately, they are still lacking the charm that made them so fun to watch in the first film.