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The Grant Napear Show

The Grant Napear Show – July 3, 2014

Big news started off the Grant Napear Show today as the Sacramento Kings decided to sign free agent guard Darren Collison to a three year contract worth $16 million. Grant got on and talked about […]

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Derrick Rose (Photo by Dan Lippitt/NBAE via Getty Images)’s Ken Berger Talks NBA Playoff Injuries

The Jason Ross Show welcomes’s Ken Berger to talk some NBA basketball. He touches on everything from the leagues views on expansion to new head coach possibilities and who will most likely go where. […]

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The Jason Ross Show

The Jason Ross Show – May 3, 2013

Its Friday on The Jason Ross Show, we start the show off talking some playoff basketball. The Warriors beat the Nuggets to move to the next round. We asked listeners if Golden State has any […]

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The Grant Napear Show – April 2, 2013

The Grant Napear show started off talking about the Kings deal and the vote taking place tomorrow. Grant said that mayor Kevin Johnson was extremely confident that he could put forth a very convincing deal […]

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Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images’s Ken Berger Talks About Potential Buyer Who Wants To Keep Kings In Sacramento

On the heels of our interview with CSN Bay Area’s Matt Steinmetz, who tweeted earlier in the day that the Kings deal to Seattle was done, Jason Ross interviewed’s Ken Berger. Ken tweeted at […]

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The Grant Napear Show – May 9, 2012

Today on the Grant Napear Show there was a lot going on with Josh Hamilton’s 4 home run game, the NBA Draft approaching and the NBA Playoffs in full swing. Grant took calls about people’s […]

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The Grant Napear Show • November 22, 2011

Today on the Grant Napear show callers were ready to talk about the big news out of Denver, with the Broncos waiving Kyle Orton they place the ball firmly in the hands of Tim Tebow; […]

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Ken Berger Talks About Current State Of The NBA

Ken Berger with CBS Sports joins Grant Napear to talk about the lockout and the current state that the NBA is in. When asked about the hit that the NBA fan base is taking due […]

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Audio: The Grant Napear Show – October 12, 2011

The The Grant Napear show was fueled by very spirited 49er, and Raider fans staying true to the bay area rivalry. Ken Berger with CBS sports joined the show to talk about the latest on […]

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Ken Berger Talks About The Cancellation Of The First Two Weeks Of The NBA Season

Ken Berger with CBS sports joined the show to talk about the latest on the NBA lockout. With the first two week officially canceled, The NBA will meet Monday with a labor law attorney who […]

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