Surveillance video captures the suspected coin thieves. (Credit: Sacramento County Sheriff's Dept.)

North Highlands Coin Thieves Caught On Video

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department has released new video showing thieves taking money from coin-operated machines inside a business last year.



Security Guard Thwarts Thieves Attempting To Steal Laundromat ATM

A heavy chain attached to an ATM was stretched across a laundromat parking lot after an attempted burglary.


Laundry Lounge laundromat in Davis.

Lack Of Laundromats Causing A Stink In Davis

Davis residents are raising a stink tonight over the lack of laundromats in their city. So many people have complained that the city is considering getting involved.


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Best Dry Cleaners In Sacramento

Sacramento is home to several dry cleaners that will protect your clothes from harmful treatment. Some of them even offer alteration services, so you can modify and clean your clothes in one stop.


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Man Shot Outside Stockton Laundromat

A man standing outside a Stockton Laundromat talking on his cellphone was shot in the leg, according to Stockton police.