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Laurel Hanson

Bicycle Shops

Best Bike Rentals In Sacramento

Aren’t sure you want to commit to bike ownership or just want to have a taste of what cycling has to offer? Rental bikes are available throughout the city.


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Ask A Sacramento Chef: Best Corned Beef And Cabbage Recipes

A few Sacramento experts weigh in on how to make your own delicious corned beef and cabbage.


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Best Prix Fixe Meals For Valentine’s Day In Sacramento

Valentine’s Day, just one more holiday to plan and one more extravagant meal to prepare… or is it? With these prix fixe meals, you don’t even have to read the menu. Just sit back and enjoy spending time together.


Mashed Potatoes And Gravy

Unique Mashed Potato Dishes In Sacramento

The ultimate comfort food, mashed potato recipes continue to evolve and improve. Here are five local restaurants keeping the tradition alive.


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Ask A Sacramento Chef: Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipes

Many people have made the change to a gluten-free diet for improved health. Health is the first thing to go out the window during Thanksgiving, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are three gluten-free recipes guaranteed to please this turkey day.


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Best Vegetarian Burgers In Sacramento

Here are five places in the Sacramento area that offer a truly edible meatless delight.


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Best Places For A Thoughtful Cup Of Coffee In Sacramento

Looking for a fresh and flavorful cup of coffee? These Sacramento cafes take their brew to the next level by paying close attention to where they source their beans and how they are roasted.


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Best Coffee Shops That Go Beyond Coffee In Sacramento

Life isn’t all about coffee. Well, usually it is but sometimes it’s also about food. Here are five coffee shops in Sacramento that serve great coffee and great food.


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Best Tasting Menus In Sacramento

Hand-picked by the chef and artfully prepared, the following five tasting menus promise to deliver stimulation and satisfaction.


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Best Bars With Local Liquor And Brews In Sacramento

The following bars emphasize the craft in craftsman, concocting delicious beers and liquor available for a limited time and only in these here parts.


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Best Food Trucks In Sacramento

Don’t think roach coach, think mobile gourmet, because that’s what these trucks are serving.


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Best Sangria In Sacramento

Sangria is a drink of community, like any punch, meant to be enjoyed with friends. Find out where to enjoy a glass in Sacramento.