Mayor Anthony Silva


Mayor Discusses School Shooting, Anti-Condom Campaign At Reading Event

Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva went off-script and discussed school shootings and condom use with elementary school students on Thursday.


Kurt Wilson

Stockton Names Kurt Wilson As New City Manager At City Council Meeting

Wilson joined as deputy city manager with the city in 2012 and has been interim city manager since November. He also served in the Schwarzenegger administration.


Boys & Girls

Boys And Girls Club Pulls Stockton Chapter’s Charter

CBS13 received a copy of an email Mayor Anthony Silva saying he didn’t want the national chapter to see the financial records of the Stockton chapter.



Stockton Residents Speak Out Against City Council Admonishing Mayor Anthony Silva

Silva revealed on Nov. 5 that David Garcia would be named the new city manager for Stockton. Within days of that news coming out, Garcia announced he would be staying in Coachella as its city manager.



Stockton Taxpayers Likely To Pay Mayor’s Towing Bill

Stockton’s mayor is speaking out about his car being towed from his parking spot at city hall.


no parking sign

Stockton Councilwoman’s Wedding Has Mayor’s Car Towed From City Hall

Stockton’s mayor had some parking issues over the weekend after his car was towed away from his own city parking spot.


Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva

Stockton Mayor’s Car Towed From City Hall Before Councilwoman’s Wedding

But, according to Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva, someone towed his car out of his spot before the ceremony. He took to Facebook Saturday afternoon to vent a little about the ordeal.


email hack

Stockton Investigating Possible Email Hacking Plot Against City Officials

The Stockton Police say they’re investigating as a report surfaces that two Stockton businessmen may have planned to hack into the email accounts of City Manager Bob Deis and City Councilman Michael Tubbs.


Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva

Stockton Police Say They Contacted Mayor About Sexual-Assault Investigation

CBS13 contacted the Stockton Police Department and they said they did interview the man at the center of the sexual-assault investigation—Silva.