Parents Let Their Voices Be Heard At Capitol On Vaccination Bill

California lawmakers are hearing renewed discussions on a bill that would prevent parents from seeking vaccination exemptions for their children because of religious or personal beliefs.


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Daycare Director Supports State’s Push For Workers To Get Measles Vaccine

Senate Bill 792 may give those parents an extra sense of peace. The bill, introduced by state Sen. Tony Mendoza, requires all home family daycare and daycare center workers to be vaccinated against measles and other viruses.



7 More Measles Cases Reported In California, Bringing Total To 130 Since Outbreak Began

Health officials say 40 cases have been traced to the Disneyland outbreak and another 30 involve people who had close contact with infected people – presumably also including those infected at the theme park.



Parents Getting Message On Vaccines In Placer County As More Protect Children From Measles

Elias Hernandez is a happy, healthy 4-year-old who is even more excited he just got his measles shot over with.


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Few Rules On Teacher Vaccinations Amid Meales Outbreak

In most states, there is no law dictating which vaccines teachers and school staff workers are required to get. Some states provide a list of recommended vaccines, but there is no requirement or follow-up for teachers to receive them.


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State Of Georgia Has First Confirmed Case Of Measles Since 2012

State health officials say they’ve confirmed Georgia’s first reported case of measles since 2012.


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Day Cares In California Can’t Legally Turn Away Child If They Aren’t Vaccinated

Day cares in the area say they can’t legally turn a child away if they aren’t vaccinated, but the state has made it a requirement that parents receive counseling from a health care professional if they choose to opt out.



Proposed California Law Would Make It Nearly Impossible For Children Not To Be Vaccinated

Currently, parents who say they have personal beliefs against getting their children vaccinated can have a doctor sign off and the kid can go to school unvaccinated. This law would stop that practice.



Disneyland Measles Cases Still Trail Ohio Amish Outbreak As Largest In Recent History

The Ohio episode drew far less attention, even though the number of cases was almost four times that of the Southern California outbreak, because it seemed to pose little threat outside close-knit religious communities.



California Lawmakers Aim To Cut Vaccine Exemptions For Personal Belief

Two California state lawmakers are seeking to strengthen California’s vaccine laws by eliminating an exemption based on personal beliefs.



Measles Outbreak Draws Politicians Into Vaccination Debate

Passion is clearly evident on both sides of the debate, as more than 100 measles cases in the U.S. have come to light in an outbreak linked to Disneyland.


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Walt Disney Co. Reports Strong Growth; Not Impacted By Measles Outbreak

The Walt Disney Co. reported another quarter of strong growth on Tuesday, helped by higher revenue from its parks and resorts despite an outbreak of measles at Disneyland in December.