Stockton Robbers Wedge Victim's Lips Into Side Of Shopping CartRobbers in Stockton assaulted their victim in a painful and unusual way on Friday afternoon.
EXCLUSIVE: Woman Mugged In Old Sacramento Shares Horrific ExperienceA 73-year-old woman brutally attacked and mugged in Old Sacramento on Sunday is sharing her horrific experience only with CBS13.
Old Sacramento Mugging Suspects Knock 74-Year-Old To GroundA 74-year-old woman had just been mugged in the middle of the afternoon, her purse grabbed. Two suspects would run up, one yanking the bag and pushing the frail woman to the ground.
Senior Citizen Attacked By 4 Suspects For $15 In North SacramentoA 72-year-old man was walking to his home when he was confronted by four male suspects and beaten in north Sacramento, all for the $15 he had in his wallet.