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‘I Did Kill Those Cops,’ Suspect Says During Hearing For Deputy Killings

A man charged with killing two Northern California sheriff’s deputies stunned a courtroom by blurting out that he committed the crimes and is ready to be executed.


Deputies say the man caught on camera was slashing tires. Credit: CBS13

Man Suspected Of Slashing Tires At Auburn Senior Mobile Home Park

Tire after tire was either slashed or punctured, and people in one Auburn neighborhood say one man is responsible.


Skogen's booking photo. (Credit: Placer County District Attorney's office)

Placer County Sheriff’s Deputy Pleads Guilty To Unlawful Sex With A Minor

Kenneth Skogen will spend 150 days in jail and be placed on three years probation under the plea deal, which also requires counseling.


Anthony Holmes

Attempted Carjacking Victim’s Wife: ‘It’s Like My Whole World Stopped’

Anthony Holmes was allegedly shot during an attempted carjacking by two suspects who were on the run after the death of a Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy, and before the death of a Placer County deputy.


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How Did Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte Hide In United States Illegally Until Deputy Killings?

His background would have almost certainly flagged him to be expelled from the country again, but he managed to stay under the radar until his arrest Friday on suspicion of murder, attempted murder and carjacking in the deaths of two sheriff’s deputies during a shooting rampage in Northern California.


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A Day After The Chaos, Investigators Dig For Answers As Mourners Remember Slain Deputies

Antonia Smith says she saw Marcelo Marquez at the motel the night before he was accused of gunning down two deputies. She says he was causing a ruckus at the Motel 6 where investigators say he was staying.


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Law Enforcement Procession Helps Move Det. Mike Davis, Jr. From Sacramento To Roseville

A hearse carrying Michael Davis Jr. was escorted by his law-enforcement family who is struggling to understand what happened Friday.


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Car Salesman Upgraded To Fair Condition After Surgery Following Friday’s Shooting

Anthony Holmes, 38, was listed in critical condition on Friday night after being shot twice, once in the head. A family member told CBS13 on Friday the bullet to his head struck his jaw, and they’re hoping for no brain damage.


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UPDATE: Suspect Accused Of Killing Two California Deputies Was Deported Twice Before

Plans for a memorial for Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliverare in process. Davis’ body was transported in a procession from Sacramento to Roseville on Saturday.


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Deputy Shooting Suspect Will Face Murder, Carjacking Charges

Marcelo Marquez of Salt Lake City will face two counts of felony murder for the deaths of Sacramento County deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County Det. Mike Davis.


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Deadly Day Claims Lives Of Deputies In Sacramento, Placer Counties

Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County Sheriff’s deputy Michael Davis Jr. were shot and killed by suspects in separate, but related incidents. A third deputy was wounded, as well as a man who was carjacked.


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Placer County Sheriff’s Deputy Killed 26 Years To Day Of Father’s On-Duty Death

Just hours after Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones confirmed the death of deputy Danny Oliver, Placer County Sheriff Ed Bonner would make his own emotional announcement.