Plastic Bag Ban Approved In Sacramento, Begins Jan. 1, 2016The ordinance will ban stores from distributing single-use plastic bags, while requiring a minimum 10-cent fee on paper bags. The ban would take effect on Jan. 1, 2016.
Why Will California's Plastic Bag Ban Leave Customers Paying More At Store?In addition to the ban of plastic bags, paper bags will cost 10 cents each, thanks to a deal lawmakers cut with grocers. Plastic bag manufacturers will also get $2 million to help them come up with a plan to make a heavier duty bag grocers can sell to customers.
Sacramento Shoppers Taking Wait And See Approach With Proposed Plastic Bag BanThe statewide ban would take effect next year as environmental lobbyists beat out opponents who warned the bag ban could cost jobs. A similar law has been in place in Davis since July, and most shoppers in the city don’t seem to mind.
California Plastic Bag Ban Not Dead Despite Assembly Failing To Find VotesThe bill by Democratic Sen. Alex Padilla of Los Angeles prohibits stores from carrying the bags as a way to encourage reusable ones. It follows about 100 cities and counties that previously banned plastic bags to fight litter.