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Sacramento Police: Discovery Of Latest Decapitated Carcass ‘Suspicious’

The carcass of a dead, decapitated animal was discovered in a bag in Sacramento on Sunday night.


Martin Martinez (Credit: Santa Clara County  Jail)

Police: Suspect In Modesto Slayings Accused Of Killing Mother

A Modesto Police Department spokesman on Monday said the mother of accused killer Martin Martinez was one of the five people found dead over the weekend.


(credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

One Man, 3 Teens Allegedly Fire 26 Rounds At Stockton Police Vehicles

Three people were arrested in Stockton last night after they allegedly fired over two-dozen rounds at police vehicles.


Credit: CBS13

Bill Expands Use Of Freeway Signs To Help Catch Hit-And-Run Suspects

CHP is looking for a suspect after a deadly hit-and-run incident on Wednesday morning. It happened at Marconi Avenue and Calderwood Lane near Del Paso Country Club.


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Bill Targeting Racial Profiling Requires Data On Officers’ Stops

California lawmakers on Wednesday narrowly approved legislation to reduce racial profiling with unprecedented data collection on police stops.


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President Obama’s Call To Limit Military Equipment For Police Departments Draws Criticism

President Barack Obama’s call to limit military-style equipment for police across the country has already prompted California legislation and law-enforcement advocates railing against it.


A Los Angeles man is in custody for trying to sell Chagall and Diego Rivera paintings to undercover detectives for $700,000. (Photo by PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Police: Alleged Car Thief Was Carjacked

Police in a Los Angeles suburb have arrested a man who reported being carjacked. They say he stole the car in the first place.


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Airport Police Left Live Dynamite At Museum For Four Days After Training Exercise

The official, who was briefed on the incident and wasn’t authorized to speak publicly, said workers on the tarmac found the dynamite Tuesday.


File (Credit: CBS13)

Oregon Bill Would Prohibit Charges For Filming Police, As Long As Citizens Don’t Interfere

The American Civil Liberties Union, which supports the bill, says Oregon law isn’t clear on the legality of videotaping police officers. The ACLU says people who document arrests and the use of force shouldn’t be subject to arrest and prosecution for eavesdropping or interfering with law enforcement.


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Police Surround Stockton Home, Take Man Into Custody

A man at the center of a standoff in Stockton has been taken into custody.


(Credit: Modesto News/YouTube)

Off-Duty Police Officer At Modesto Park Reportedly Shoots And Kills Man

Police say a Ceres off-duty officer shot and killed a man at a Modesto park on Sunday night.


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Teen Asks Boyfriend To Prom By Having Him Arrested

PALMDALE, CA – Last week, a teenage girl named Stephanie asked her boyfriend to prom in a way that seems more frightening than charming. According to Daily Mail, while Stephanie’s boyfriend, Davyeon, was enjoying his […]

CBS Sacramento–03/18/2015